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Best Smart Cat Supplies for a Modern Pet Lifestyle

best smart cat supplies

Smart cat supplies are changing how we care for our feline friends. From automated feeders to self-cleaning litter boxes, these products use technology to make pet care easier and more efficient. They not only save time but also ensure your cat’s needs are met even when you’re not home.

When buying smart cat supplies, it’s important to consider several factors. Look for products that are reliable and durable. Check if they are easy to use and maintain. Pay attention to any safety features and read reviews to see how other cat owners rate them. We spent countless hours researching and testing the best smart cat supplies to help you find the ones that make caring for your cat easier and more enjoyable.

Best Smart Cat Supplies

Our furry friends deserve the best, and smart cat supplies can make life easier for both us and our cats. We’ve gathered the top smart gadgets to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Catit Smart Feeder

A great choice for managing your cat’s feeding schedule with ease.


  • Easy to set up
  • Helps control portion size
  • Keeps food fresh


  • Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Limited portion size adjustment
  • Some cats might learn to manipulate it

The Catit Smart Feeder is a wonderful product for those of us who want to ensure our cats are well-fed even when we’re not home. It connects seamlessly to the PIXI app, allowing us to schedule meals from anywhere. This means no more worrying about our furry friends missing a meal if we’re delayed.

The high-grade stainless-steel dish makes mealtime more comfortable for our cats by reducing whisker stress. If your cat tends to overeat, the portion control feature is a lifesaver. This smart feeder dispenses controlled amounts of food, helping maintain a healthy diet for our pets.

There are a few downsides, however. We discovered that the Wi-Fi connection can sometimes be a bit finicky, and reconnecting can be challenging. Another minor issue is that the portions might be too small for some cats, limiting how much food can be served at one time. Nonetheless, the feeder does an excellent job in keeping the food fresh with its secure lid and desiccant pad, ensuring our cats always have fresh and appetizing meals.

ROJECO Smart Cat Ball

This smart cat ball is a great choice to keep your cat entertained and active with its fun interactive modes.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Three interactive modes
  • Auto-sleep for power saving


  • Might be too loud on hard floors
  • Not all cats are interested
  • Can slow down over time

We recently had a chance to try out the ROJECO Smart Cat Ball, and our cats have been having a blast with it. The three different modes keep them engaged, and the auto-sleep feature means we don’t have to worry about turning it off.

The bright green color is eye-catching, and it’s just the right size for both our cats and small dogs. The battery life is impressive, lasting longer than we expected.

One thing to note is that it can be a bit loud on hard floors, and not every cat may take to it. Despite a few hiccups, it’s been a fun addition to our pet’s toy collection. For more details, check it out here.

PETKIT Smart Feeder

This feeder provides various smart features that make feeding our cats easy and efficient.


  • High-quality 1080P HD camera
  • Dual hoppers for different foods
  • Two-way audio for direct communication


  • Requires stable WiFi
  • App notifications can be excessive
  • Initial setup slightly challenging

The PETKIT Smart Feeder has been a game-changer for us. The 1080P HD camera with night vision lets us monitor our pets even when we aren’t home. This feature ensures we can keep an eye on their feeding and well-being, providing peace of mind.

Controlling the feeder through the PETKIT app is straightforward. We can schedule feeding times and adjust portion sizes for each hopper, making it perfect for our cats who prefer different types of food. The built-in microphone and speaker allow us to interact with our pets, and they seem to enjoy hearing our voices during meal times.

One thing we noticed is that the feeder needs a consistent WiFi connection to function correctly. Also, the numerous app notifications can become a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, the benefits of this smart feeder far outweigh these minor inconveniences. It’s undoubtedly a handy tool for any pet owner looking to simplify their pet’s feeding routine.

Furbo 360° Cat Cam

For cat owners looking for an interactive and secure way to monitor their pets, this camera is an excellent choice.


  • Easy to set up
  • High-quality camera
  • Engages your cat with treat toss and toys


  • Subscription required for full features
  • Does not support 5GHz WiFi
  • Can be pricey with the subscription

Using the Furbo 360° Cat Camera has been a delight. The setup took just a few minutes, and we were up and running. Connecting it to our WiFi and downloading the app was straightforward. The camera quality truly stands out, offering clear videos even at night.

The treat toss feature is perfect for engaging our cat. We can switch toys and even choose a custom sound to get her attention. It’s fun to see her react and interact, and it helps keep her active and happy.

Safety features like meowing alerts and home emergency notifications give us peace of mind. Knowing we can check in on our cat and ensure everything is alright when we’re not home is incredibly reassuring. Despite needing a subscription for some services, the benefits make it worthwhile for us.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera

If you’re tired of waking up early to feed your pets, this automatic feeder will bring you peace.


  • Allows remote feeding via app
  • 1080P HD camera provides clear video
  • Large capacity for multiple pets


  • May have occasional food jams
  • Requires stable WiFi for optimal use
  • Video storage requires additional cost

With the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, we can schedule our pets’ meals through the app, which is a game-changer. Being able to control the feeder remotely means we can feed our cats while at work or away for a weekend. The feeder supports up to six meals per day, making it flexible for our pets’ needs.

One standout feature is the 1080P HD camera with night vision. It allows us to monitor our pets in real-time. The wide viewing angle ensures we won’t miss any activity, and the two-way audio lets us communicate with them. This keeps us connected to our pets, offering peace of mind no matter where we are.

However, we’ve noticed that the feeder sometimes jams, which can be frustrating. Also, to fully enjoy the video storage option, we need to pay for cloud storage. While the app is quite user-friendly, it does rely on a stable WiFi connection for smooth operation. Despite these minor drawbacks, the PETLIBRO feeder has significantly improved how we manage our pets’ feeding schedules.

PETLIBRO App Monitoring Cat Water Fountain

This is an excellent cat water fountain with smart features that ensure your pet stays hydrated and healthy.


  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Very quiet operation
  • Smart app reminders for maintenance


  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Not dishwasher safe

Setting up the PETLIBRO App Monitoring Cat Water Fountain was a breeze. The detachable water tank makes refilling simple, while the wireless water pump eliminates tangled cables.

We were impressed by how quiet the motor is. Even when positioned in a living room or bedroom, the sound is barely noticeable. The app is another standout feature, providing real-time updates and reminders, which makes monitoring and maintaining the device easy.

Cleaning the fountain frequently is necessary to keep it in great shape, which can be a bit of a chore. Despite this, the health benefits and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment for any cat owner.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Cat Litter Box

A good choice for busy cat parents who want an affordable self-cleaning litter box with some minor maintenance required.


  • Less frequent scooping required
  • Reduces litter scatter and odor
  • Simple disassembly for cleaning


  • Occasional malfunctioning may occur
  • Recommended for only up to two cats
  • Not suitable for small spaces

We recently tested the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Cat Litter Box in our home. It’s designed to help cut down on the daily chore of scooping litter, and it generally does a good job of cleaning up after our cats. The smart sensor activates a cleaning cycle, making life easier.

The box is designed to manage mess and odors well. With an angled deflector and raised height, it controls litter scatter better than many other options we’ve tried. Having the waste raked into a covered container minimizes smells, which is a big plus.

One thing we noticed is that the product occasionally malfunctions. The raking mechanism can get stuck and needs restarting. Despite this, it’s still a convenient option, especially for those with up to two cats. Just remember to place it in a larger space, as it’s not suited for cramped areas.

The ease of cleaning is another highlight. The components come apart easily, and maintenance is straightforward with pet-friendly soap and water. This makes our lives much simpler compared to traditional litter boxes that need daily scooping. For pet owners juggling multiple responsibilities, this offers a practical balance between automation and manual effort.

PETKIT PuraMax Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This product stands out with its large capacity and smart cleaning features, making it ideal for multi-cat households.


  • Injury prevention mechanisms
  • High compatibility with various litters
  • Controllable via app


  • Sensors can be finicky on carpets
  • Expensive
  • Requires a flat surface for proper function

Using the PETKIT PuraMax Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box was a smooth experience for our multi-cat home. With infrared and weight sensors, it stops when our cats approach, keeping them safe. The design accommodates different types of clumping litter, which is convenient.

One standout feature for us was the smart app control. It’s easy to set up cleaning schedules or activate the manual-cleaning mode. This hands-free system really simplifies our routine. Plus, the large waste bin means less frequent scooping, a major time-saver for those with multiple cats.

On the downside, placing this litter box on a carpet interferes with its sensors. Additionally, it’s pricier than traditional litter boxes. But with its advanced technology and user-friendly app, we find it well worth the investment.

Smart Cat Box Starter Kit

If you want a healthier and easier way to manage your cat’s litter, this kit is worth considering.



  • Some cats may take time to adapt
  • Initial cost can be high
  • Requires regular maintenance

Managing a cat’s litter can be a real hassle, but the Smart Cat Box Starter Kit has made this task so much simpler for us. The litter is not only eco-friendly but also dust-free, which means less mess and fewer allergies for both our cats and us. We love how easy this system is on our cats’ paws, making it a comfortable experience for them.

What truly sets this litter box apart is its urine collection feature. It helps in monitoring our cats’ health by detecting any potential issues early on. This has been particularly useful for one of our cats who had hidden health problems. Knowing we can potentially catch serious conditions early is a major peace of mind.

Though the box has many great features, some cats might need time to get used to it. Our youngest cat was reluctant at first but adapted after a week. Also, while the initial cost is higher compared to traditional litter boxes, we found it to be a worthy investment given its health benefits and ease of use. Regular upkeep is necessary, but the time saved and the health insights gained make it a small price to pay.

Petory Automatic Cat Feeders Wi-Fi

This smart cat feeder is perfect for keeping your pets fed and happy with minimal effort.


  • Easy app setup and control
  • Reliable dual power options
  • Generous food storage


  • Timer setup can be tricky
  • Plug-in power may be unreliable
  • Precise portions might require trial and error

The Petory Automatic Cat Feeder is a fantastic addition to our pet care regimen. We love how it connects effortlessly to our Wi-Fi, letting us manage feeding schedules from anywhere. Setting up feeding times through the app means no worries about our cats missing a meal, even if we’re not home.

Its dual power supply feature, using both external power and backup batteries, ensures peace of mind. We’ve never had to stress about power outages disrupting meal times. The large food storage also means fewer refills, which is a major convenience for us.

On the downside, setting the timer can be somewhat complicated. We’ve had to tweak the portion sizes a bit, but once you figure it out, it works well. Additionally, the plug-in power can be unreliable, so we recommend always having fresh batteries as a backup.

In summary, the Petory Automatic Cat Feeder has significantly improved how we care for our pets. The convenience it offers outweighs the minor inconveniences we encountered, making it a reliable choice for any pet owner.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best smart cat supplies, it can be overwhelming with so many options. We need to focus on the important features to make sure our feline friends get the best.

Smart Cat Feeders

A smart cat feeder should have a reliable timer and portion control. This helps us manage our cat’s diet.

Feature Why it Matters
Timer Ensures regular feeding times
Portion Control Prevents overfeeding
App Control Allows remote feeding

Smart Litter Boxes

Keeping our cat’s litter clean is easier with smart litter boxes. Look for self-cleaning mechanisms and odor control.

Feature Why it Matters
Self-Cleaning Reduces manual cleaning
Odor Control Minimizes bad smells
Maintenance Alerts Keeps track of box status

Smart Toys

Interactive toys keep our cats entertained. We need to look for durability and engaging features.

Feature Why it Matters
Interactive Keeps cats mentally active
Durable Lasts longer
App Integration Allows control via smartphone

Smart Collars

For safety and monitoring, a smart collar can be very beneficial. GPS tracking and activity monitoring are key features.

Feature Why it Matters
GPS Tracking Helps find lost cats
Activity Monitoring Tracks cat’s health and activity
Safety Features Includes breakaway mechanism

By focusing on these features, we can find the best smart supplies for our cats. This makes our lives easier and our cats happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping our cats happy and healthy is important. Smart cat supplies can help engage, entertain, and maintain their well-being. Here, we answer some common questions about these innovative products.

What are the most engaging smart toys for cats to prevent boredom?

Interactive toys such as laser pointers and puzzle feeders capture a cat’s attention. Automated play systems that mimic prey movements can also keep cats entertained for hours.

Which cat accessories are essential for a cat’s well-being?

Basics like a sturdy scratching post, a cozy bed, and a variety of toys are essential. Additionally, a water fountain can encourage hydration, and a good quality food dispenser ensures they get their meals on time.

What features should be considered when choosing a smart litter box?

Look for a self-cleaning function, odor control, and ease of use. Some models also have health tracking features that monitor your cat’s litter box habits and can alert you to potential health issues.

How can one enrich the environment for an indoor cat effectively?

Provide climbing structures like cat trees, window perches, and interactive toys. Rotate toys regularly to keep them interesting, and consider adding puzzle feeders for mental stimulation.

What are the top-rated smart toys for kittens currently on the market?

Some highly recommended toys include interactive laser pointers, motion-activated balls, and robotic mice. These toys are designed to engage kittens and keep their natural hunting instincts sharp.

Are there any innovative cat products in 2024 that owners should be aware of?

New products include advanced health monitoring collars, AI-powered play systems, and smart feeders with voice interaction capabilities. These innovations aim to make caring for your cat easier and more intuitive.

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