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Smart Cat Food Dispensers: Top Picks for Your Feline

smart cat food dispenser

Cat ownership is a rewarding experience, filled with cozy cuddles and playful moments. However, it also comes with a set of responsibilities, one of the most important being consistent and appropriate feeding. It’s crucial for cats to receive the right amount of food at regular intervals to maintain their health and wellbeing. That’s where smart cat food dispensers come in, offering a high-tech solution for managing your furry friend’s dietary needs. These innovative gadgets provide convenience and peace of mind by automating the feeding process, ensuring that your cat gets fed even when you’re not at home.

Smart cat food dispensers are designed with a range of functionalities that can help make feeding times precise and stress-free. They typically feature portion control, scheduling capabilities, and the ability to remotely dispense food through a smartphone app. Some models even come with cameras and voice interaction so you can keep an eye on your pet and soothe them with your voice from afar. This technology not only adheres to your cat’s strict feeding schedule but also accommodates the variable needs of different feline diets.

When considering a smart cat food dispenser, it’s vital to focus on the device’s capacity, the size of the food it can handle, and its reliability. The material should be sturdy and easy to clean, as hygiene is key in preventing foodborne illness. It’s also important to think about how the dispenser integrates with your smart home systems and whether it can operate with a backup battery in case of a power outage.

In evaluating countless smart cat food dispensers, we’ve zeroed in on the features that matter most for your cat’s nutrition and your convenience. Our quest has been to find the perfect balance of functionality, reliability, and user-friendliness to ensure your cat stays healthy and you stay connected, no matter where you are.

Top Smart Cat Food Dispensers

We’ve gathered some of the most innovative smart cat food dispensers available, designed to make feeding time hassle-free and precise. These devices ensure that our feline friends are fed the right amount at the right time, even when we’re not around. Through careful research and consideration, we’re excited to share our favorites with you, making your pet care routine smarter and simpler.

Petory Smart Feeder

We believe this Petory Smart Feeder should be at the top of your shopping list if you’re aiming for convenience and peace of mind while feeding your pets.


  • Programmable feeding schedules allow for hassle-free meal planning
  • The voice recording feature creates a personal mealtime call for your pets
  • Dual power supply enhances reliability


  • Hand wash only care may be a bit inconvenient
  • Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection can be finicky
  • Voice recorder volume could use a slight boost for noisier environments

After spending some time with this Petory Smart Feeder, we’ve come to appreciate the way it fits so seamlessly into our daily routines. The convenience of scheduling meals means our cats are fed consistently, even when our day gets away from us. It feels good not to rush home, knowing they’re taken care of.

The voice recording feature has been a delightful touch. It’s reassuring to know that our pets hear a familiar voice, even if it’s just a recorded message. It’s a simple pleasure that seems to make mealtime a bit more special for them.

Admittedly, we’ve had a moment or two of frustration with the Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s occasionally temperamental, but once it’s connected, you can trust it to work as it should. And while washing by hand isn’t our preferred method, the overall convenience the feeder brings to our lives still makes it worth the effort.

Pitpet Smart Feeder

We found the perfect solution for our hectic life in the Pitpet Smart Feeder, keeping our cats fed and happy without fail.


  • Ensures regular feeding with multiple programmable portions
  • Freshness of kibble maintained with desiccant bag
  • Dual power supply keeps it running even during power outages


  • Some cats may outsmart the locking mechanism
  • Manual cleaning required if not using a dishwasher
  • Learning curve for programming can be tricky at first

Managing our cats’ meal times has become a breeze with this dispenser. Its smart portion control feature offers customizable meal sizes across up to six daily time slots. This means no more overfeeding or worrying about our pet’s diet when we work late or take a quick trip.

Kibble freshness is a non-issue, thanks to the secure storage environment. Just slide in the desiccant bag and rest easy knowing the food stays crisp and tasty, something we always check for our fur friend’s enjoyment and health.

The manual treat button is a delightful touch. Who doesn’t enjoy giving their cat an extra little snack? It’s a great way to keep their tails wagging even when we’re not home to do it personally.

We appreciate the security of the dual power supply. In the event of an outage, the backup kicks in seamlessly, preventing any disruption to our cat’s feeding schedule. It’s this level of reliability that gives us peace of mind.

On the downside, some clever cats might find a way around the feeder’s locking mechanism. It hasn’t happened to us yet, but we’ve made sure to position it in a less accessible area just in case.

While the bowl is dishwasher safe, the rest of the unit is not. So, you might need to allocate some time for manual cleaning periodically. Not a major issue, but something to be prepared for.

Initially, setting up the LCD screen took some patience. But once we got the hang of it, programming meal sizes and times became second nature.

For those of us leading busy lives or seeking a more reliable way to feed their cats, the Pitpet Smart Feeder emerges as an almost indispensable tool. It’s a small investment in your pet’s health and your own convenience, and from our perspective, it’s an investment that pays off daily.

oneisall Wi-Fi Feeder

Our cat’s mealtime has become so much simpler with this device—definitely worth considering for anyone seeking a high-tech feeding solution.


  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for peace of mind
  • Multiple users can interact and control feeding
  • Generous capacity reducing refill frequency


  • Kibble size limitations may require special purchases
  • Manual lacks depth, might confuse non-tech-savvy users
  • The app can sometimes lag, though infrequently

Upon first use, we were struck by how steadily it latched onto our Wi-Fi network. The peace of mind that came with knowing we could manage our cat’s meals remotely was unmatched. No longer did we fret over missed feedings; we could nourish our cats from anywhere.

Setting up a meal schedule was a breeze, thanks to the intuitive app. We shared access with family members, which meant our cat was looked after even when we all had differing schedules. Likewise, checking the feeding log became a routine that eased our minds about our pet’s dietary habits.

The capacity pleasantly surprised us. Filling it up seemed to promise days of carefree feeding, cutting down on the daily duty of providing for our fluffy friends. What’s more, mealtime turned into a cheerful affair as our pet would rush towards the sound of our prerecorded message, a personal touch we cherished.

Conversely, we noticed a couple of snags down the line. Preparing dry food required a bit of thought to ensure the kibble was of the correct size. At times the plastic guide seemed limiting, but once we found a brand that fit, it was smooth sailing. And while the app was generally responsive, on rare occasions, we experienced brief delays in commands, but nothing that caused significant inconvenience.

Overall, it is an ally in pet care. Despite minor hitches, its benefits greatly outweighed any drawbacks, offering us a reliable, smart feeding solution.

WellToBe Smart Feeder

We think the WellToBe Smart Feeder is a top pick for pet parents looking for convenience and peace of mind in managing their pet’s feeding schedule.


  • Set and forget feeding schedules with easy-to-use app control
  • Generous 4L capacity helps avoid frequent refilling
  • Custom voice messages bring a personal touch to mealtime


  • Manual setup can be tricky without network connectivity
  • Exclusive reliance on the app for some functions may not suit everyone
  • The machine restarts when switching from plug to battery power, which could confuse some pets

When we unboxed the WellToBe Smart Feeder, the first thing we noticed was its sleek design. It was simple to place in our home without it standing out like a sore thumb. After downloading the app and connecting the feeder to Wi-Fi, it took just a few minutes to tailor the feeding schedule to our cat’s needs. The best part? We could even sneak in a weekend sleep-in without worrying about a hungry kitty, thanks to the flexible meal scheduling.

The ability to pre-record a 10-second message for our furry friend was a delightful feature. Calling our cat over for meals even when we weren’t home felt reassuring, almost as if we were there. Plus, the portion control helped us ensure our cat didn’t overindulge, maintaining a healthy diet.

We appreciated the dual power supply feature, considering our occasional power outages. Knowing that the WellToBe Smart Feeder would switch to battery mode, ensuring continuous feeding, put our minds at ease. However, the brief interruption during the machine’s self-check after the switch was a small blip in an otherwise smooth experience.

Using this feeder felt like upgrading to a new level of pet care – we could finally balance our busy lives without compromising on our beloved pet’s nutrition.

PETLIBRO Snack Buddy

We’ve found the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder to be a reliable companion for our feline friends, perfectly balancing their dietary needs with our busy lifestyles.


  • Hassle-free scheduled feeding
  • Personal touch with voice recording
  • Prevents food clogging and maintains freshness


  • Requires battery or power source
  • Might not be suitable for all food sizes
  • Secure lid could be a con for some cats

Having used this smart cat food dispenser in our own home, we’ve noticed how it simplifies life for us and keeps our cats content. It’s incredibly satisfying to see our pets well-fed on a regular schedule, and this device ensures they never miss a meal.

The voice-recording feature adds a personal touch. Whenever we are away, our voice lets our cats know it’s mealtime, which seems to reassure them. Honestly, it’s like leaving a piece of us behind to keep them company.

One aspect we think could be improved is the reliance on a power source or batteries. While the dual power mode is handy, ensuring the dispenser operates without interruption requires us to stay vigilant.

The feeder’s clever design caters to most kibble sizes, but if you’ve got a preference for larger kibble, you’d have to check the specifications to ensure compatibility. This hasn’t been a problem for us, but it’s something to consider.

Lastly, while the secure lid keeps the food fresh and prevents our curious cats from sneaking extra meals, it can be a bit of a challenge if you have a particularly tenacious pet. But, in our experience, this feature has saved us from overfeeding incidents on multiple occasions.

PAPIFEED Smart Feeder

We think you’ll love the PAPIFEED Smart Feeder for its convenience and advanced features that make feeding your furry friend effortless.


  • Seamless app integration allows feeding from anywhere
  • Dual power supply ensures continuous operation
  • Durable and easy-to-clean materials


  • Limited to a 2.4GHz WiFi network
  • Might dispense more food than set if manipulated
  • Some may find portion sizes too small

When we started using the feeder, the first thing we noticed was how simple it was to get it up and running. The Smart Life app connected without a hitch, and setting up the feeding schedule was intuitive. No more worrying about our pet’s mealtime during unexpected late work hours; a few taps on the smartphone, and our cat was being served its dinner as if we were home.

The dual power supply caught our attention too. After setting up the feeder, we didn’t have to fret over power outages. When we were out camping last weekend, knowing our cat was still being fed on time because of the backup batteries gave us absolute peace of mind.

Cleaning the stainless steel bowl was a breeze, and we appreciated that it’s dishwasher safe. We’re all for anything that makes life easier, right? It’s great to know that our pet is eating from a bowl that we can keep squeaky clean without any fuss.

However, we had to ensure our WiFi was on the 2.4GHz setting to stay connected. While this wasn’t an issue for us, it’s something to keep in mind depending on your network setup. We also tested the anti-bite cord, and it stood up impressively to our cat’s curious chomping.

We found that sometimes the feeder dispensed a bit more than the portion we set, especially when our clever cat discovered it could nudge the bowl for a few extra kibbles. While it’s a smart device, it can’t outsmart a persistent pet, so if overfeeding is a concern, this is something to consider.

On the topic of portions, while the customization is great, those with larger pets may find the portion sizes too small. It works perfectly for our small to medium-sized cat, but anyone with a bigger appetite might need a few extra rounds.

In conclusion, the PAPIFEED Smart Feeder has been a game-changer for us. Its reliability, ease of use, and hygiene factors make it a standout option if you’re on the hunt for a smart feeding solution for your pet.

Espelho Smart Feeder

We found the Espelho Smart Feeder to be a game-changer for keeping our cats fed and happy while we’re away, with the added peace of mind of doing it all from our phones.


  • Simple app integration for remote feeding
  • Supports healthy diet with portion control
  • Voice recording feature to comfort pets


  • Setup might be challenging for non-tech-savvy pet owners
  • Food size can influence portion accuracy
  • Lack of backup battery inclusion

Using the Espelho Smart Feeder has allowed us to manage our pets’ diets with unparalleled precision. Setting up feeding times and quantities through the app was a breeze – it felt just like sending a text message. Monitoring our cats’ feeding from work or while on vacation was stress-free, giving us more flexibility in our schedules.

That voice recording feature really made a difference. It was heartwarming to know that our pets heard our voice when it was mealtime, and watching them react to it made us feel closer to them even when we were miles away.

The reliability of the feeder was impressive. Even in the event of a power outage, we were reassured knowing that the battery backup would keep things running smoothly. It felt like we had a trustworthy sitter taking care of our furry friends, without the actual need for one.

However, we noticed that not all kibble was dispensed equally – the portion size seemed to vary with kibble size. Also, while setting up the device was mostly straightforward, we can imagine it might pose some difficulties for those less familiar with tech products. Plus, a reminder to purchase backup batteries would have been helpful, as they are not included.

Despite these minor hitches, the Espelho Smart Feeder has been an invaluable addition to our pet care routine. Whether we’re in need of feeding our cat at irregular hours or keeping their diet consistent while on a trip, this high-tech gadget has covered all bases.

Petory Auto Feeder

Should you pick up the Petory Automatic Pet Feeder? Absolutely, especially if timely meals and portion control are at the top of your list for pet care essentials.


  • Reliable meal schedule customization
  • Secured airtight food storage
  • Hassle-free cleaning with dishwasher-safe components


  • Requires occasional monitoring of power options
  • May have a slight learning curve for programming
  • Adapter compatibility could be a regional issue

Ever since we brought the Petory Auto Feeder into our home, it’s been a game changer for our fur friends’ dietary regiment. No more rushing through breakfast to measure out kibble; this smart device has taken the load off our morning scramble by dispensing the right portions at set times.

Our chowhound cat, who thinks every hour is dinner time, met his match. The feeder’s airtight seal kept him from tricking it into an early treat. It also eased our worry about overfeeding, a common concern for pet owners who work long hours.

The dual power supply has been a noteworthy feature. We’ve dealt with our fair share of power outages, and not once did our kitty miss a meal, all thanks to the feeder’s battery backup. Cleaning used to be a Sunday chore we’d dread, but this feeder’s parts are incredibly easy to disassemble and are a breeze to clean in the dishwasher.

In our experience, the most significant barrier to blissful automatic feeding was the initial setup. Charting portion sizes took an extra moment to grasp. However, once we got through that, our cats were pretty satisfied and didn’t skip a beat adopting their new meal schedule. We also suggest double-checking plug compatibility, so you’re not caught off guard if you’re not in the US.

Using it firsthand, I can attest to the convenience the Petory Auto Feeder has brought into our lives. For any pet parent looking to streamline their furry friend’s feeding routine, this gadget is a sound investment.

WOPET 6L Feeder

We believe this WOPET 6L Automatic Feeder would be an excellent investment for pet owners who want convenience and peace of mind when it comes to feeding their furry friends.


  • Easily managed via smartphone app
  • Custom voice message feature to comfort pets
  • Battery backup ensures consistent feeding


  • Suitable for dry food only
  • Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network
  • Limited to small and medium-sized food pellets

Having had the pleasure of using the WOPET 6L Automatic Feeder, we’ve appreciated the ease it brings to our daily routine. The smartphone app makes programming feeding times a breeze, whether at home or on the go. Setting the meal size to just the right amount for our cat has helped manage her diet more effectively.

The voice recording feature has noticeably reduced our pet’s anxiety when we’re away. It’s comforting to know she can hear us call her to eat through the feeder’s speaker—a truly personal touch.

In case of a power outage, the battery backup feature has saved the day more than once, ensuring our cat doesn’t miss a meal.

One important thing to note is the feeder’s compatibility with specific food sizes. We had to ensure our cat’s kibble fit the recommended dimensions for a smooth dispensing experience.

Also, setup requires a stable 2.4GHz WiFi network, but once hooked up, the app’s alerts about the food level and feeding times keep us well-informed and worry-free.

Lastly, for those of us with multiple pets or varied pet sizes, this feeder’s capacity and flexibility can accommodate different diets and feeding schedules, making it a versatile choice for a multi-pet household.

HoneyGuaridan Smart Feeder

Version 1.0.0

If you’re seeking hassle-free feeding for your feline friends, this smart feeder is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and convenience.


  • Easy-to-use app allows feeding schedule adjustments on the go
  • Dual-compartment design perfectly serves multi-cat households
  • Freshness seal and voice-recording feature enhance the feeding experience


  • Set up via Bluetooth can be challenging for the less tech-savvy
  • One-size portioning may not suit all cat diets and sizes
  • Exclusively for dry food which might limit dietary variety

Having recently incorporated the HoneyGuaridan Smart Feeder into our daily routine, we’ve noticed how much stress it takes out of managing our cats’ diets. The ability to adjust feeding times and portions remotely does wonders for our unpredictably busy schedules. Each of our cats gets their share of food without squabbles since the dual dispensers portion out the kibbles evenly.

We appreciate the feeder’s commitment to keeping the kibble fresh. The desiccant bag and sealing strip certainly go a long way in preserving the crunch our cats relish. Plus, being able to record our voices calling them to meals adds a personal touch they seem to recognize and love, which makes the transition to automated feeding smoother.

However, initially setting up the device was a tad fiddly. Linking it to our 2.4GHz network took some patience. While suitable for all our medium-sized cats, pets with specific diet requirements might find the uniform portion sizes either too much or not enough. It’s also worth noting that our love for wet food feasts remains manual, as this gadget is strictly for dry food.

From our experience, the HoneyGuaridan Smart Feeder streamlines pet care efficiently. It’s especially fantastic for families with multiple cats, ensuring no one misses out or overindulges. Just remember to consider your pets’ eating habits before committing to this modern feeding solution.

Buying Guide

When scouting for the perfect smart cat food dispenser for our feline friends, there are several key features we should look at to ensure we’re making the best choice.

Essential Features

Capacity: The size of the dispenser is crucial to accommodate our cat’s diet.

Small (1-3 lbs): Suited for a single cat.
Medium (4-10 lbs): Ideal for multiple cats.
Large (11+ lbs): Best for multi-cat households or extended vacations.

Material: Durable materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastic are advisable for longevity and health.

Programmable Options

Meal Scheduling: It should allow us to set multiple feeding times to maintain a consistent feeding schedule.

Portion Control: An adjustable portion size ensures that our cat gets the right amount of food.


Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: A smart dispenser should be connectable to our phone for remote control.

Compatibility: It needs to support our smartphone’s OS, whether it be iOS or Android.

Power Source

Battery Operation: Useful in case of power outages.
AC Adapter: Offers continuous operation without the need for battery replacement.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ease of Cleaning: Removable parts which are dishwasher safe make cleaning hassle-free.

Reliability: A dispenser with fewer moving parts can often mean fewer chances of malfunction.

CapacityFit your cat’s dietary needs and your lifestyle
MaterialEnsure durability and safety
Meal SchedulingStick to a consistent feeding routine
Portion ControlMaintain a healthy diet for your cat
ConnectivityManage feeding times remotely
Power SourcePrepare for unexpected power interruptions
Cleaning & MaintenancePromote hygiene and prolong dispenser life

By keeping these key points in mind, we’ll find a smart cat food dispenser that not only makes our life easier but also keeps our cats healthy and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some common questions about smart cat food dispensers to help you make well-informed decisions for your feline friends.

What is the best automatic feeder for feeding multiple cats simultaneously?

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect is highly effective for multiple cats. Each feeder syncs with a cat’s microchip, allowing only the registered pet to access the food.

How does a microchip cat feeder function and is it effective?

A microchip cat feeder uses RFID technology to recognize a cat’s microchip or RFID collar tag, opening only for the programmed cat. This is particularly effective for homes with pets on prescription diets or for controlling food intake.

Can you recommend a high-quality smart cat food dispenser from recent reviews?

Based on recent reviews, the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder is a top pick. It offers portion control, scheduling via a smartphone app, and is known for its reliability.

What are the top choices for automatic wet food feeders for cats?

For serving wet food, the Cat Mate C500 Digital 5 Meal Dog & Cat Feeder is frequently recommended. It features five compartments with a digital timer to schedule meals and keep wet food fresh.

How can an automatic cat feeder keep my pet fed during a short absence?

An automatic cat feeder like the PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder allows you to pre-load portions of dry food that can be scheduled to dispense at set times, ensuring your cat is fed even when you’re away for the weekend.

Which automatic cat feeders offer the best value for price and features?

The HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Cat Feeder offers a balance of price and features. It has customizable meal sizes, a built-in voice recorder for mealtime messages, and is battery operated for added convenience.

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