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10 Best GPS Cat Trackers: Keep Your Feline Friend Safe

GPS cat trackers

Cat ownership brings with it a unique blend of companionship and care, and the well-being of our furry friends is always paramount in our minds. With the remarkable advancements in technology, the emergence of GPS cat trackers has provided a sigh of relief to pet owners. These devices allow for real-time tracking of your cat’s whereabouts, ensuring you can always keep a watchful eye on their adventures and quickly locate them if they stray too far from home.

GPS cat trackers come in various forms, such as collars or small devices that can be attached to your cat’s existing collar. Unlike traditional methods of identification like tags, these trackers use satellite technology to provide precise locations. This is especially convenient for cat owners whose pets love to wander, as these curious creatures can often find themselves in unexpected places.

When considering a GPS cat tracker, it’s crucial to focus on certain aspects like battery life, range, size, and weight, as the tracker should be comfortable for your cat to wear without hindering their movement. Additionally, you’ll want to look for features such as safe zone alerts, water-resistance, and the user interface of the accompanying app. These factors will greatly influence the effectiveness and usability of the device.

Our dedication to our pets means that we go the extra mile to ensure their safety, and investing in a reliable GPS cat tracker aligns with that commitment. With in-depth research and hands-on testing of various models, we aim to help you find the perfect balance of functionality and comfort for your feline’s needs.

Top GPS Cat Trackers

Every pet parent knows the anxiety that comes with the thought of our curious feline friends wandering off too far. That’s why we’ve scoured the market to find the GPS cat trackers that will give you peace of mind. These devices are designed to be small, lightweight, and comfortable for your cat to wear, while offering you the accuracy and reliability needed to keep tabs on your whiskered wanderer. Whether your kitty enjoys exploring the backyard or has a habit of embarking on neighborhood adventures, our selection of the best GPS cat trackers will help ensure your beloved pet stays safe and sound.

Tractive Cat Mini GPS

We believe the Tractive Cat Mini GPS is a solid choice for cat owners who want peace of mind knowing their feline’s whereabouts and activity levels.


  • Real-time tracking lets us monitor our cat’s location instantly
  • Designed specifically for cats and is completely waterproof
  • Alerts for when our cat enters or leaves a designated safe area


  • Requires a subscription plan, adding to the overall cost
  • May provide occasional false location alerts
  • The size may not suit very small or lightweight cats

Just this morning, as our curious feline began her daily outdoor escapade, we were able to follow her movements with precision thanks to the Tractive Cat Mini’s real-time tracking. It felt like a virtual leash, providing a sense of control without restricting her freedom. The live tracking is smooth and the location history paints a full picture of her adventures, which is both interesting and useful.

The setup was as breezy as it gets, and attaching the device to our cat’s collar was no hassle. The waterproof design held up splendidly when she decided to investigate a puddle, leaving us impressed. Triggering the virtual fence feature sends us a notification whenever she strays too far, offering an extra layer of security for our peace of mind.

Even though we appreciate how the Tractive Cat Mini keeps us informed, having to commit to a subscription is a bit of a drawback. While the cost seems reasonable for its features, it is an added expense. Also, an isolated incident of receiving a false location alert—our furry friend was napping at home, not gallivanting blocks away—did leave us momentarily flustered. A consideration for owners of petite cats would be the tracker’s size, as it may be a tad large for the smallest of breeds.

Overall, this clever gadget has become a valued part of our daily routine, ensuring that our feline explorer stays safe while satisfying her curiosity.

TabCat v2 Tracker

We’ve discovered that the TabCat v2 Tracker is a game-changer for pet owners who want to keep tabs on their feline friends without recurring fees.


  • No subscription needed, cost-effective in the long run
  • High accuracy for indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Lightweight and durable design, suitable even for kittens


  • The remote’s battery life could be improved
  • Limited to a 500ft range which may not suit all wandering habits
  • Not as widely available with a slightly higher initial price point

Just last week, I had to locate my adventurous kitty who loves to explore every nook of our home and garden. The TabCat v2 Tracker was incredibly intuitive to use. With clear audio cues and the helpful light system on the remote, finding my cat turned into a quick and stress-free activity.

During a recent downpour, I could rest easy knowing the splashproof and robust design of the TabCat tags meant my cat’s tracker would endure the elements. Its light weight also meant my cat went about her daily antics unbothered by any bulky tech.

However, I did notice that after extended use, the battery on the handheld device seemed to drain quicker than I’d anticipated. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s something to remember so you’re not caught off-guard when you need it most. Despite this, the relief of not having to pay a monthly subscription fee just adds to the overall value of the TabCat v2 Tracker. With a couple of tags included, our two-cat household is covered, sparing us from buying additional devices.

Chic Safety Gear for Felines

Our little adventurers deserve the best protection, and this collar brings both safety and style to their daily escapades.


  • Breakaway design ensures it’s safe during play
  • Reflective pattern keeps our cat visible at night
  • Soft and waterproof for comfort in all activities


  • Airtag not included, an additional purchase is necessary
  • May not fit perfectly on very small kittens
  • The Airtag compartment could be prone to opening unexpectedly

Having recently had the chance to test the Typecase Waterproof Airtag Cat Collar on our frisky feline friends, we’ve been quite pleased with the balance of safety features and comfort it provides. The reflective fish pattern isn’t just charming; it adds a layer of visibility during those twilight prowls around the neighborhood.

The collar’s breakaway buckle and the soft microfiber construction gave us peace of mind, knowing that it can come off easily if our cat becomes snagged on something. Also, it’s refreshing to see a GPS collar that doesn’t irritate or burden them, thanks to the lightweight design.

We did have to purchase an Airtag separately, but once we did, the integration was seamless. The hidden GPS holder kept the Airtag securely stowed away. While it held firm during most activities, we noted that a particularly rambunctious kitty might manage to pop it open. Despite this, the collar held up well during daily wear, and hand-washing it was a breeze.

This stylish collar with built-in GPS tracking capability has definitely made our lives less anxious, and our cats’ lives safer. It’s a purchase we’ve felt was worthwhile for the added security and peace of mind it brings.

TrackiPet Pal

We think the TrackiPet Pal stands out as a reliable option for keeping tabs on our adventurous feline companions.


  • The tracker’s lightweight design doesn’t bother our cats
  • Waterproof feature gives us peace of mind during rainy escapades
  • Community ring helps leverage the power of our local network to find a lost pet


  • Requires a subscription for full functionality
  • May be large for smaller cats
  • The initial calibration period can test our patience

Recently, we had the chance to try out the TrackiPet Pal on our cat, and it’s been quite reassuring to have. The process of attaching the device to our cat’s collar was straightforward, something we always appreciate given our busy lifestyle. Its lightweight form didn’t seem to restrict our feline friend’s movements, which is a huge plus.

When our cat took a little unsanctioned stroll, the waterproof feature of the TrackiPet Pal calmed our worries despite the drizzly weather. Plus, with the tracker’s chase mode, it was a breeze to see the live location updates, which proved invaluable in promptly locating our adventurous pet.

One fantastic aspect we can’t overlook is the community ring feature. It’s fascinating how it harnesses the collective effort of our neighbors to locate our missing pet. Despite the need for a subscription, which is a slight drawback, the peace of mind we gain is worth it. Though it may seem a bit bulky on our smaller cat, we found that she adjusted to it rather quickly.

It did take a couple of days for the TrackiPet Pal to calibrate, which needed some patience on our part. However, once it was up and running, it did a fine job of keeping us informed of our cat’s whereabouts. The virtual fence alerts are a thoughtful touch, letting us know when our cat wanders farther than we’re comfortable with.

In closing, from our experience, the TrackiPet Pal has significantly eased our worries about our beloved cat’s adventures. Although there are some considerations to keep in mind like the subscription and size, the benefits have given us a newfound sense of security when it comes to our pet’s outdoor activities.

FEEYAR Collar with AirTag

If you’ve got a four-legged Houdini on your hands, the FEEYAR Collar with AirTag could offer the peace of mind you’re looking for.


  • Built-in AirTag holder adds security without bulk
  • Snap-off design ensures pet safety in sticky situations
  • Visible at night with reflective strips


  • Not suitable for pets with necks larger than 13 inches
  • Material may show wear over time
  • AirTag’s weight might cause slight discomfort during eating

After witnessing firsthand how effortlessly Sage adjusted to her new FEEYAR collar, it’s been a game-changer in monitoring her outdoor escapades. The collar, with its secure AirTag slot, means I can pinpoint her location without the worry of the tracker detaching.

In our tests, the AirTag’s snug fit within the collar’s specially designed compartment stood out. There’s a comforting rigidity to the holder that suggests it would take quite some force to dislodge the device. Thankfully, even if Sage’s curiosity gets her caught up, the collar’s breakaway feature allowed her to wriggle free, unharmed.

Nightly patrols used to be a source of anxiety, but the FEEYAR collar’s luminous strips have made after-dark spotting much simpler. However, its limited size options could discourage those with larger breed cats or puppies. Despite this, the comfort and lightness of the collar seem to resonate with Sage, who’s as carefree and content as ever, bell tinkling as she strolls.

Our conclusion? For cat parents seeking a straightforward, safe, and reliable way to keep tabs on their feline friends, this collar is a strong contender. Just remember to factor in your fur baby’s neck size and the possibility of slight collar wear over time.

SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker

We think the SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker is a solid choice for pet owners who need to keep tabs on their adventurous companions, provided you’re comfortable with the ongoing subscription cost.


  • Reliable real-time tracking to always stay updated on your pet’s location
  • Alert feature for when your pet leaves a preset safe zone
  • Lightweight design, suitable for most cats and dogs


  • Subscription required, adding long-term costs
  • Some may find the tracker bulky for smaller pets
  • Limited battery life depending on the tracking mode used

After strapping the SEEWORLD P1 Tracker on our cat’s collar, the sense of security it gave us was immediate. Its real-time tracking is accurate, updating us on our furry friend’s whereabouts when they roamed outside. We set up a virtual fence effortlessly, and it didn’t take long before we received an alert on our smartphone when our cat ventured past the boundary, a super handy feature for escape artists.

The device is indeed light, and our cat adjusted to it without fuss. However, for smaller breeds or kittens, the size could be a touch imposing. The “chase mode” that emits a sound to help locate your pet is innovative, yet we wished the tracker had an extended battery life. Although it claims to last up to 4 days, we noticed the need to recharge it more frequently with more active use.

We’re conscious of the ongoing costs due to the subscription model, which is a consideration for any potential buyer. While the initial outlay for the tracker might seem reasonable, the monthly fees will add up. We must say, the peace of mind might justify the expense for those of us with pets that love to push their boundaries. Getting set up was a breeze, a relief from some tech-heavy gadgets out there, making this a favorable option for those less tech-savvy.

Despite a few drawbacks, our experience showed that the SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker does what it promises—keeps you connected to your wandering pet.

Sotfkd Tracker Buddy

We recommend the Sotfkd Tracker Buddy for pet parents who want a budget-friendly GPS tracker without recurring fees.


  • No monthly fees required, which saves us money over time.
  • Built-in speaker helps locate pets nearby with auditory cues.
  • Versatile attachment options to fit any collar.


  • Limited range may not be ideal for expansive outdoor areas.
  • Some users have reported connectivity issues, limiting reliability.
  • Longevity concerns with some reports of the device arriving non-functional.

When we first got our hands on the Sotfkd Tracker Buddy, the set-up was a breeze. Pairing it with the phone via Bluetooth took mere moments, and having everything ready without any additional fees felt like a breath of fresh air. After attaching it to my cat’s collar, it felt pretty secure and didn’t seem to bother her at all.

About a week into using the tracker, it proved handy when my furry friend decided to go on a hide-and-seek adventure in the garden. A quick tap in the app and the tracker’s chirp led me right to her – tucked away behind some bushes. This feature brought peace of mind, especially when considering that other GPS trackers without sound might have taken longer to pinpoint her exact location.

I do wish the range was better though. If she wanders too far, the connectivity suffers, and I can’t always rely on it to give me her precise location. It’s great for close-quarters tracking but if she roams outside the Bluetooth range, it’s a game of chance. Furthermore, after reading other feedback, it seems quality control might be hit or miss, so keep a lookout for that. All said, if you keep your expectations in check, especially with range and dependability, the Sotfkd Tracker Buddy is definitely a contender in the budget GPS tracker market.

CozyCat GPS Tracker

We believe the CozyCat GPS Tracker is a decent choice for cat owners wanting an easy-to-use and subscription-free tracking option, although it has some limitations.


  • No additional costs post-purchase for GPS services
  • Effortlessly integrates with the Apple Find My App
  • Robust waterproof design and a battery life of over 10 months


  • Limited compatibility: Only works with Apple iOS devices
  • Not all users have reported reliable performance
  • Reflective strip’s visibility might not be sufficient for some users

Stepping out with my cat has always given me a bit of anxiety, especially when dusk creeps in and hides her under the brush. The CozyCat GPS Tracker promises an end to these worries. The moment I snapped the collar around her neck, I felt a sense of security, knowing I could track her from my iPhone. It’s become our go-to gadget for each outdoor venture. Its reflective properties really stand out in the twilight, making her easy to spot.

The simplicity of linking the device with the Find My app is commendable. No fumbling with confusing instructions – a single tap and it’s done. As we roam the neighborhood, the real-time updates keep me confidently informed of her whereabouts. The collar design is sleek and doesn’t bother her even when she squeezes through the tight spots between fences.

However, over time, I have noticed some inconsistencies in tracking. While the technology generally performs well, it failed us a couple of times when it lost signal under dense foliage. Furthermore, while they advertise the product’s long battery life, our experience suggests you should keep a spare. In addition, the reflective strip, although useful, doesn’t quite eliminate the need for additional nighttime visibility solutions.

Bingolar Pet Tracker

We think you’ll appreciate the Bingolar Pet Tracker‘s practicality for keeping a watchful eye on your furry friend with no recurring costs.


  • No monthly fees for real-time tracking
  • Direct integration with Apple’s Find My app
  • Long-lasting battery and lightweight design


  • Only compatible with iOS devices
  • Limited customer feedback available
  • May have unclear instructions based on a single review

We recently attached the Bingolar Pet Tracker to our cat’s collar and were pleasantly surprised at how unbothered she was by its presence. The tracker is indeed lightweight, and it hasn’t slowed her down as she explores the backyard. We didn’t worry about durability since it’s IPX8 waterproof; it has held up well during her adventures, including an unplanned dip in the puddle.

Setting it up was a breeze, especially if you’re already an Apple device user. We loved the seamless integration with the Find My app—it felt like we were simply adding another friend to our network. Being able to locate our cat in real-time provides such peace of mind, especially when she’s out for longer than usual.

The battery life is another impressive feature. We’ve been using it for weeks without any signs of the battery dying. And we won’t be caught off guard by a dead battery either—the app is designed to alert us when it’s time for a replacement. This long battery life is essential for us since it means one less thing to worry about.

While the Bingolar Pet Tracker has many upsides, there’s a noticeable limitation for non-iOS users. We must point out that it’s specifically designed for those with an Apple device, which can be a dealbreaker for others. Also, there’s only one customer review so far, so it’s harder to gauge long-term reliability. Lastly, the instruction clarity could be improved according to that sole review, but we didn’t encounter any issues personally.

Overall, we found the Bingolar Pet Tracker to be a reliable companion to ensure our furry family members are safe and sound, eliminating worries of unexpected losses with its effective real-time tracking system.

Belbo-Bo Key Finder

We think this Belbo-Bo Key Finder is a solid choice if you’re after a straightforward and user-friendly device to keep track of your furry friend.


  • Alerts you before leaving belongings behind
  • Straightforward to locate misplaced items
  • Compatible with iOS and most Android devices


  • Limited wireless range
  • Coin-cell battery requires replacement
  • Some issues reported with app connectivity

Having recently had the chance to try out the Belbo-Bo Key Finder, we came away impressed with its preventative alert feature. The tracker notified us before we could leave the house without our keys attached to it—a real day-saver.

Attachment to our pet’s collar was a breeze, and the lightweight design meant our cat strolled around, unbothered by its new accessory. During a quick game of hide and seek, the Key Finder made locating our elusive feline as simple as checking the app on our phone.

While we appreciate the compatibility across different platforms, the 15-20 meter wireless range did feel somewhat restrictive. This wasn’t an issue in our cozy apartment but could pose a challenge in larger homes. Replacing the CR2032 battery wasn’t a frequent necessity, but something to keep in mind for long-term maintenance.

In all, we found the Belbo-Bo Key Finder useful for indoor pet tracking and preventing the misplacement of items. While perfect for day-to-day peace of mind, if your pet is a seasoned escape artist, you might need a tracker with a broader range. For those moments when our cat got a little too cozy behind the couch, however, this tracker never failed to reunite us swiftly.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Cat’s Needs

When we consider a GPS cat tracker, we want to ensure that our furry friends are safe and can be located easily. It’s important to think about their habits and the environment they’ll be wandering in. For cats that love to roam, a tracker with a wide range will be essential. If our cats are water enthusiasts, we’ll need a waterproof model.

Key Features to Consider

  • Durability

    • Material: Look for sturdy, high-quality materials that can withstand our cat’s adventures.
    • Water-Resistant: Essential if our cats love water or we live in rainy areas.
  • Battery Life

    • Long-lasting: Choose a tracker with a battery that won’t need daily charging.
    • Indicator: A low-battery indicator is a bonus.
  • Range

    • GPS Coverage: Make sure the tracker has reliable GPS coverage for our area.
    • Live Tracking: Live updates can help us locate our cat in real time.
  • Size and Comfort

    • Lightweight: A heavy tracker can be unpleasant for our cats.
    • Adjustable: The tracker should fit comfortably around our cat’s collar or harness.
  • Additional Features

Comparing Options

We can compare trackers using a simple table to see which features align with our needs.

FeatureMust HaveNice to HaveNot Necessary
Water-Resistant X 
Long Battery LifeX  
Live Tracking X 
Activity Monitor X 

Remember, the ideal GPS cat tracker is one that suits our cat’s lifestyle and brings us peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important your furry friend’s safety is to you, so we’ve gathered all the essential info about GPS trackers for cats to help you make the best choice.

What are the top-rated GPS trackers for cats on the market?

We have found that the Whistle Go Explore and the Tractive GPS 4 Cat are highly recommended by cat owners for their reliability and ease of use. These models consistently receive positive reviews for their accurate tracking and user-friendly features.

How do cat GPS collars compare in terms of size and weight?

Cat GPS collars are generally lightweight and designed with a cat’s comfort in mind. For example, the Weenect Cats 2 weighs merely 25 grams, making it almost imperceptible to most cats when worn around their neck.

Is there a way to track my cat’s location without a monthly fee?

Yes, there are GPS trackers available that do not require a monthly subscription. However, these may use different technology, like Radio Frequency (RF) or Bluetooth, that often comes with limited range compared to subscription-based GPS services.

Can GPS tracking devices for cats be paired with smartphone apps?

Almost all modern cat GPS trackers can be paired with smartphone apps. This allows us to monitor our cat’s location in real-time and may grant us additional features, such as activity monitoring and safe zone alerts.

How long do the batteries typically last in cat GPS tracking units?

Battery life in cat GPS trackers varies considerably, but most devices last anywhere from 2 to 7 days on a single charge. Some devices, like the Findster Duo+, boast a longer battery life up to several weeks, depending on usage patterns.

What are the benefits of using a GPS tracker over a microchip for my cat?

Using a GPS tracker provides real-time location tracking, which is crucial in finding a lost cat quickly, while a microchip only offers identification once the cat is found. GPS trackers often include additional features like activity monitoring and health insights that a microchip cannot provide.

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