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Smart Home Pet Devices: Enhance Your Pet’s Life Now

Smart Home Pet Devices

Smart homes are quickly becoming a standard feature of modern living, as technology aims to make everyday tasks smoother and more efficient. Amongst the myriad of innovations, smart home pet devices have carved out a substantial niche, focused on making pet care easier and more interactive. These devices include automated feeders, smart doors, pet cameras, and even activity trackers, allowing pet owners to maintain a connection with their pets even when they’re not at home.

Choosing the right smart home pet device hinges on understanding the needs of both pets and their owners. A busy pet parent might benefit most from an automated feeder that ensures their furry friend never misses a meal. On the other hand, an anxious pet owner might prefer a camera to check in on their pet throughout the day. It’s crucial to consider the compatibility of the device with your existing smart home system, ease of use, and the specific features that would benefit both you and your pet, such as remote operation or interaction capabilities.

Before making a purchase, one should also evaluate the build quality and safety of the device. With feeders, for example, you’ll want to ensure materials are non-toxic and that the device can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, including potential chewing or scratching by your pet. However, it’s not only about durability; you should also check the device’s connectivity stability and the customer support provided by the company in case you encounter technical difficulties.

We’ve spent hours exploring and analyzing various smart home pet devices to discern which ones truly stand out in this growing market. Our goal is to provide you with the insights that align with our collective real-world experiences, helping you make the best decision for you and your furry, feathered, or scaled family members.

Top Smart Home Devices for Pet Owners

We’re excited to share our picks for the most innovative smart home gadgets designed to make life with furry friends even more joyful. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping our pets safe, entertained, and well-cared for, even when we’re not at home. From automatic feeders to pet surveillance cameras, the following devices are sure to bring peace of mind and a little extra convenience into your home.

Furbo 360° Dog Cam

We think this Furbo 360° Dog Cam is a top pick for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their furry friends and keep them entertained, even when they’re away from home.


  • Provides peace of mind with 360° view and treat-tossing features
  • High-quality video and bark alerts enhance home security
  • Easy setup process with stable app control


  • Paid subscription needed for full feature access
  • Treat dispenser may be noisy
  • Limited to 2.4GHz WiFi networks, which might not suit everyone’s home setup

Having recently tried out the Furbo 360° Dog Camera, my initial concern was the additional subscription cost. However, once I got used to the exceptional wide-angle lens and the 360° rotation that let me track my dog’s every move, it was clear that the benefits outweighed the cost. The peace of mind knowing I could log in at any moment to see what my pup was up to easily trumped my hesitance.

The second aspect I was impressed with was the treat-tossing function which doubles as both entertainment and a training tool. It’s especially useful for those of us dealing with separation anxiety. It might make a bit of a sound when dispensing treats, but seeing our dog’s excitement when catching them mid-air quickly makes you forget about any noise.

I was a bit apprehensive about the setup process, but it was actually a breeze. Just a few steps and we were connected – the user interface of the app is incredibly intuitive. Keeping tabs on my dog is just a tap away. However, not being able to connect to a 5GHz network was slightly inconvenient, as our home setup would benefit from that extra band. But once everything was up and running, the 2.4GHz limitation didn’t hinder the performance.

In all, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a solid choice for those seeking a combination of pet entertainment and home security. While the need for a subscription is a downside, the overall functionality and ease of use make it a worthy investment.

HowKow Mini Spy Cam

We think this compact surveillance tool is best for someone needing a discreet security solution, despite some limitations.


  • Excellent night vision capability up to 26 feet
  • Enhanced motion detection sends real-time alerts
  • Strong magnetic base for easy placement


  • No built-in battery; requires constant power source
  • May experience connectivity issues with Wi-Fi
  • Reported difficulties with the app functionality

Having just tried out the HowKow Mini Spy Cam around our office, we noticed how incredibly compact and easy to hide it is. This feature alone is a huge advantage for anyone looking for discreet monitoring. Positioning the camera is a breeze thanks to its small form factor and magnetic base, which sticks securely to metal surfaces.

The night vision is impressive; it’s clear and effective up to a substantial distance. Our overnight tests showed crisp footage of the premises with no ambient light. For those concerned about office security or even keeping an eye on pets at night, this camera does a commendable job.

We encountered some challenges, nonetheless. Setting up the device was trickier than expected; it took a few tries to connect it to our Wi-Fi network. Also, it’s worth noting the camera has to be plugged in at all times – there’s no option for untethered use. That can limit placement options or add to your wire clutter.

The mobile app didn’t always perform flawlessly. We received timely motion alerts, but the app itself crashed a couple of times during testing. It’s something to consider if you need an ultra-reliable system.

Overall, while the HowKow Mini Spy Cam offers solid surveillance features, it may require patience for setup and use. Those hiccups aside, it’s a worthy consideration for anyone needing a miniature watchdog.

AMTIFO CG9 Security Cam

If you seek a fuss-free, high-quality security camera, the AMTIFO CG9 with its impressive features is well worth considering.


  • Easy installation due to magnetic mounting
  • Vibrant 2K color night vision provides clarity in low-light conditions
  • Human motion detection minimizes false alerts


  • Limited to 2.4GHz WiFi, which may not suit all network setups
  • Solar panel for recharging is a separate request
  • No 5GHz WiFi support could be restrictive for some users

After spending some time with the AMTIFO CG9, we’re quite taken by its magnetic install — a real game-changer for those who dread complicated setups. Stick it onto any metal surface, or use the provided 3M sticker to mount just about anywhere. The initial rig-up was a breeze.

The clarity at night is a standout. As soon as the sun sets, the camera switches on its 2K HD color night vision, and the visuals are much clearer than what we’ve seen with average cameras. It catches the subtlest of movements, but smart enough to disregard the not-so-important rustlings that don’t need our attention.

While we love the ease of use, we did notice that the device only runs on 2.4GHz WiFi. This wasn’t an issue for our network, but it’s worth considering if your home uses a 5GHz setup. On the plus side, several of us could view the feed at once, and the two-way audio meant we could chat with family (or scold the cat off the kitchen bench) in real time.

Evidently, the AMTIFO CG9 is a solid contender if you need a security cam that’s versatile and effective both day and night.

TKENPRO 2K Treat Cam

We think the TKENPRO 2K Treat Cam is an excellent buy for pet owners who want to interact with their furry friends while they’re away, especially with its high-definition camera and treat-tossing feature.


  • Effortlessly rewards pets with treats from anywhere
  • Crystal-clear night vision to check on pets in the dark
  • Broad 360° view ensures no corner is left unseen


  • Subscription needed to unlock all features
  • No battery operation; requires continuous power supply
  • Treat size compatibility may be limiting

Having recently incorporated the TKENPRO 2K Treat Cam into our home, we’ve noticed a significant change in how we connect with our pets. The ability to flick treats at our dog through the app provides both entertainment and a reward system that’s fun for us and delightful for him. Not to mention, the sharpness of the 2K video allows us to spot him snoozing on the sofa or playing with his toys with impeccable clarity.

Setting it up was a breeze, and the fact that we don’t need to worry about charging batteries is a plus; however, this does mean it must be positioned near an outlet. Positioning the camera found me appreciating its design, which blends seamlessly into our living space.

Our afternoon check-ins have transformed with the 360° viewing capability of this camera. We can now pan across the room to find our mischievous cat hiding in the most unexpected places. And when the house gets dark, the night vision kicks in, providing us peace of mind that they’re just fine, even if we’re working late.

The underlying bummer is realizing to experience the full suite of features, a subscription is necessary – which isn’t ideal for everyone. Moreover, the treat dispenser only suits certain sizes, so we had to be particular about our choice of pet snacks. Overall, our interactions with our pets have never been more engaging and full of surprises.

Hugolog 3K Security Cam

We’d recommend this camera to anyone looking for a detailed and responsive indoor monitoring solution; its user-friendly interface is a real asset.


  • Stellar night vision capability
  • Smart tracking that keeps up with pets and kids
  • Clear two-way audio with noise cancellation


  • Sensitive motion alerts can be too frequent
  • No vertical auto-tracking
  • Bright LEDs may be disruptive at night

As we unboxed the Hugolog 3K Security Cam, the excitement was tangible. The camera’s setup was a breeze, and before we knew it, we were streaming crystal-clear video directly to our smartphones. Its sleek design blended effortlessly into our home decor, and it stood sentinel, poised and ready.

Our first night with the Hugolog was illuminating, literally. The starlight color night vision made it appear as if our living room was bathed in a soft glow, enabling us to see our furry friends’ antics after dark without a hitch. Every graceful leap onto the couch was captured in vivid detail, with the colors nearly as distinguishable as they’d be in daylight.

Throughout the day, we really put the smart motion tracking to the test. Our cat, known for her lightning-quick dashes through the living room, couldn’t outrun this camera’s keen eye. Impressed doesn’t quite cover it; we were in awe of how the Hugolog kept pace, delivering notifications to our phones posthaste. The two-way audio feature also meant we could reprimand our mischievous pup from anywhere, and it felt as though we were right there with him, despite being miles away.

Admittedly, there were times when the sensitivity of the motion alerts had our phones buzzing a bit too often. If anything, it’s a testament to the camera’s vigilance, but a more discerning AI would alleviate this minor nuisance. We also noticed the camera didn’t tilt up or down automatically, a function we might have taken for granted in other models. Also, while the LEDs ensure fantastic night vision, their brightness did have the faintest risk of disturbing a light sleeper.

All said and done, the Hugolog 3K Security Cam is a piece of tech we felt could truly help keep an extra watchful eye over our household. Whether you need to monitor your pets, your kids, or just want that added piece of mind while away, this camera fits the bill quite nicely.

Furbo 360° Dog Cam

We think the Furbo 360° Dog Cam is a great investment if you want peace of mind and a fun way to interact with your pet when you’re away.


  • Treat tossing feature keeps our pets engaged and happy
  • 360° rotation and barking alerts help us monitor our dog effectively
  • Night vision ensures we can see our furry friend clearly, even in low light


  • Monthly subscription required for full feature access
  • Can be challenging to find treats that fit well for the tossing mechanism
  • The noise it makes when tossing treats can startle some pets

When I installed the Furbo in my living room, the sense of security I felt was immediate. Its rotating camera and alerts meant I could monitor my dog from anywhere, knowing I’d be notified of any unusual barking.

We found the treat-tossing feature particularly amusing; it was rewarding watching our dog’s surprised face turn to one of joy as the treat flew across the room. However, it took a bit of trial and error to find the right size treats that wouldn’t jam the dispenser.

Another thing we appreciated was the night vision. Checking on our sleeping pup late at night became a habit, reassuring us that he was safe and sound. However, we weren’t too keen on the added expense for the subscription, even if the additional features provided were impressive.

Overall, the setup process was straightforward, and the 360° view has changed the way we interact with our pet while we’re not home. Despite the added cost of the subscription, it has been a worthy addition to our smart home for the enhanced connection to our pet and the peace of mind it brings.

Linkthai Indoor 2K Pet Camera

We found the Linkthai Indoor Security Camera to be a game-changer for pet owners who need to keep an eye on their furry friends.


  • Comprehensive coverage with 360° pan and 90° tilt
  • Effective motion tracking for real-time alerts
  • Crystal-clear two-way audio for instant communication


  • Exclusively for indoor use, not suitable for outdoor monitoring
  • Requires a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection for optimum performance
  • Limited to 720p video capture resolution

In our usage, the Linkthai Indoor Security Camera’s ability to swivel and capture every angle of the room left us quite impressed. We didn’t miss a beat while monitoring our pets, thanks to its seamless 360-degree coverage and tilt capabilities. The installation was a breeze, and after mounting it on the ceiling, it blended in perfectly with our decor.

The camera’s smart motion detection was on point. Whenever our dog decided to have a burst of energy, we received instant alerts on our phone. We were able to follow his antics closely, ensuring he stayed out of trouble. This feature was a lifesaver, especially when we were away and needed to ensure everything at home was in order.

Nighttime monitoring was another strong suit for this camera. Even in pitch darkness, the night vision kicked in, showcasing a clear view of our home. It was reassuring to check on our sleeping pup without disturbing him. The added benefit of multi-user access allowed our family to tune in and watch over our pets, making it feel like we were all involved in their care.

In a nutshell, the Linkthai Indoor Security Camera was a dependable companion in our smart home setup. While it doesn’t boast the highest resolution, the practical features it carries, such as the ease of two-way communication and effective motion tracking, were all we needed to ensure our pets were safe and sound.

Blurams Pet Cam

We think pet owners seeking peace of mind will appreciate the Blurams Pet Cam with its reliable tracking and connectivity features.


  • Rapid motion tracking captures pets’ movements precisely
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi ensures a stable connection without disruptions
  • Night vision clarity is impressive, ensuring around-the-clock monitoring


  • Lacks support for 5GHz Wi-Fi setup
  • Storage options could be limiting without an additional purchase
  • The setup process could be a bit more user-friendly

Just this morning, our dog Max started his rambunctious run through the living room while we were in the middle of our breakfast. Thanks to the Blurams Pet Cam’s lightning-quick motion tracking, we could glimpse his playful antics on our phone, catching every twist and turn without a single hiccup in the feed.

The stable connection is a godsend. We’ve been using the dual-band functionality, and it’s hard to overstate the convenience of not having to deal with video lag or drops – especially reassuring when we’re at work and want to make sure Max hasn’t decided to explore the kitchen counter.

Even when the sun sets and the living room dims, we’re treated to crystal clear images of our furry friend finding his favourite spot to curl up. The night vision on this camera doesn’t miss a beat, and the subtle red glow of the infrared LEDs doesn’t disturb Max one bit.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Setting up the camera initially had us scratching our heads a bit. It would have been smoother if the instructions were clearer, especially for the 5GHz connection setup. Plus, we had to decide between cloud storage or popping in a micro SD card, as neither come included, which is something to consider for long-term use.

In all, considering the usefulness of its features and the overall reliability, we’ve found the Blurams Pet Cam to be a solid choice for keeping an eye on pets at home.

WESECUU 2K Security Camera

If you’re in the market for a reliable pet security camera that offers crisp visuals and a suite of safety features, this might just fit the bill.


  • Crisp 2K video resolution ensures detailed images
  • Immediate alert notifications give peace of mind
  • Multi-device viewing is perfect for family use


  • The set-up process can be a bit tricky
  • No option to delete past photos which may clutter storage
  • Motion tracking can be intermittent

Switching on the WESECUU 2K Security Camera, the first thing we noticed was the outstanding image clarity. Just yesterday, as our furry friend scampered into the living room, every detail from his glossy coat to his playful antics was captured beautifully in 2K. The camera’s motion detection swiftly sent a notification to our phones; rest assured, knowing your pet is under vigilant supervision.

Setting everything up initially did require a bit of patience. The instructions weren’t as clear-cut as we would have liked, drawing out the process slightly. We managed to power through it though, and once configured, navigating the camera via the app was intuitive and straightforward.

A unique feature we appreciate is the ability to view the camera feed on multiple devices. With this functionality, keeping tabs on your pet hasn’t been easier. However, every rose has its thorns – we did find the lack of an option to delete old snapshots a bit of a downside, cluttering our photo gallery more than necessary. Moreover, there were times when the device didn’t accurately follow motion as expected.

Despite a couple of hiccups, this WESECUU camera is an impressive watch-guard for your pets with its night vision and alert system ensuring security around the clock. From our experience, this camera stands as a worthy contender in your journey to smart pet monitoring.

Puppy’s Smart Bell

We found this smart bell to be a real game changer in communicating with our furry friends.


  • Highly responsive to touch, easy for pets of any size to use
  • Offers extensive customization with 55 ringtones and adjustable volume
  • Simple installation with reusable Velcro and no wiring needed


  • Might be too sensitive for pets that bump into it accidentally
  • Some of the ringtones can be too unconventional as a doorbell sound
  • Limited trigger area might require more precise training for pets

After setting up the ChunHee Smart Dog Door Bell at home, we immediately noticed the ease of use. Its touch-sensitive button means our Labrador didn’t struggle at all to ring it with her nose when she wanted to go outside. It replaced her usual pawing at the door completely.

The ability to customize the bell is impressive. With 55 ringtones and volume control, we tailored it to a tone that’s pleasant for us and audible across the house. Whether we were relaxing in the living room or busy in the basement, we didn’t miss a signal.

Setting up the device was a breeze. We just picked a spot, used the provided Velcro, and plugged in the receiver. The fact that it didn’t require any invasive installation meant we could move it easily if needed without any damage to the walls.

Granted, the bell’s high sensitivity did result in a few false alarms when our cat brushed past it nonchalantly. And while variety in ringtones is nice, some options were more musical than expected, giving our guests a little surprise. We also had to spend extra time training our pup to hit the right spot on the button to ensure it triggered every time.

Overall, the ChunHee Smart Dog Door Bell has added a layer of understanding between us and our pets. It’s not just a gadget, it’s like they’ve got a new way to express themselves, and that’s delightful for any pet owner.

Buying Guide

What We Look For in Smart Home Pet Devices

When we’re shopping for smart home pet devices, reliability is at the top of our list. We want to ensure that these gadgets work seamlessly because our furry friends depend on them when we’re not home. Another crucial aspect is safety—the product should be made from non-toxic materials and have features that prevent injury or stress to our pets.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
ConnectivityDevices should easily connect to home Wi-Fi or other smart home systems.
User-friendly AppA straightforward app allows for easy scheduling and monitoring.
Battery LifeIn case of power outages, a reliable battery life is essential.
DurabilityPets can be playful; the device must withstand some wear and tear.
CustomizationAdjust settings based on your pet’s needs for a personalized touch.

Important Features We Consider

  • Camera Quality: If the device includes a camera, we look for clear resolution to check in on our pets throughout the day.

  • Portion Control: For feeders, precise portion settings help maintain a healthy diet.

  • Two-way Audio: Some devices offer this so we can hear and speak to our pets, offering reassurance while we’re away.

How We Assess Value

It’s not always about the price. We believe in assessing the value for money. A higher-priced smart home pet device often comes with more advanced features and better durability.

FactorOur Approach to Assessment
Cost vs. FeaturesCompare features offered to the cost to determine value.
WarrantyA good warranty can indicate confidence in a product’s quality.
ReviewsWe check other pet owners’ experiences for insights on performance.

By considering these aspects, we can find a smart home pet device that provides convenience, enriches our pet’s life, and offers us peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience, these FAQs help pet owners make informed choices about incorporating smart devices into their pets’ lives.

What Are the Top-Rated Smart Devices for Keeping an Eye on Your Pets?

For monitoring your furry friends, we find that the Petcube Camera and the Furbo Dog Camera are crowd favorites. These devices offer live streaming video, two-way audio, and interactive treat-tossing capabilities.

How Can Smart Technology Enhance Your Cat’s Safety and Comfort at Home?

Smart litter boxes and microchip cat flaps make our cats’ lives safer and more comfortable. We recommend the Litter-Robot for automated cleaning and the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap for controlled access to your home.

Which Dog Care Tasks Can Be Automated with Smart Home Devices?

Our dogs can benefit from automated feeding and interactive play while we’re away. Devices like the Petnet SmartFeeder and iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher are perfect for maintaining a feeding schedule and keeping our pups entertained.

What Are the Latest Innovations in Smart Pet Technology for Monitoring Health?

Smart collars like the Whistle GO Explore and FitBark are on the cutting edge for health monitoring. These devices track activity, sleep quality, and calorie burn, helping us stay on top of our pets’ fitness and well-being.

From Feeders to Toys: What Are the Must-Have Smart Devices for Your Pet’s Well-being?

We’ve found that pets thrive with smart feeders like the PetSafe Smart Feed and interactive toys like the Petcube Play 2. These gadgets ensure they’re fed regularly and engaged mentally, even when we can’t be there.

How Can Pet Owners Ensure Their Smart Home Gadgets Are Safe and Pet-Friendly?

We always check for materials that are non-toxic and chew-resistant when selecting our gadgets. It’s also crucial to choose devices with no small parts that could be ingested, and we opt for those with features that prevent accidental food dispensing or other mishaps.

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