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10 Best Programmable Cat Feeders: Simplify Your Pet’s Mealtime!

Programmable Cat Feeders

Caring for a pet is a rewarding experience, and part of that care includes ensuring they’re fed on time, every time. For cat owners, mealtime routines can be particularly challenging due to busy schedules. This is where programmable cat feeders come into the picture. These devices are designed to dispense food at set intervals, providing consistent meals for your feline friends even when you’re not home. The right feeder can help maintain your cat’s diet, control portions, and even manage special dietary needs.

As with any pet care product, selecting a programmable cat feeder requires attention to a few important factors. Durability is key, as you’ll want a device that can withstand the test of time and the inevitable curiosity of a cat. The type of food it can handle – dry or wet – is also crucial, as is the capacity of the feeder and the flexibility of its programming options. For pet parents concerned about their cat overeating or those with multiple cats, feeders with microchip recognition offer a high-tech solution to ensure that only the right pet gets the designated portion.

Ease of cleaning is another consideration, as feeders should be hygienic and easy to maintain. Additionally, the power source can be an important factor; some feeders are battery-operated, while others plug into the wall. Stability is an aspect often overlooked; a feeder should be steady enough to prevent a curious cat from tipping it over or breaking into it.

After considerable research and analysis of a variety of programmable cat feeders, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of what makes a feeder stand out in terms of reliability, user-friendliness, and cat satisfaction. Our aim is to share insights and help cat owners find the best product to fit their—and their cat’s—lifestyle and needs.

Top Programmable Cat Feeders

We understand the challenge of maintaining a consistent feeding schedule for our feline friends amidst our busy routines. After thorough research and personal experiences with various products, we’ve compiled a list of the top programmable cat feeders that cater to both you and your cat’s needs. The following feeders stand out for their reliability, ease of use, and smart features, ensuring your kitty is fed on time, every time.

VOLUAS Smart Feeder

We’ve tried the VOLUAS Smart Feeder, and it’s clear why any pet owner looking for convenience and reliability should consider it.


  • Customizable feeding schedule for our cat’s unique dietary needs
  • Flexibility of power source options, ensuring continuous operation
  • The voice recording feature strengthens the bond with our pet at mealtime


  • Setup can be a bit tricky if you’re not tech-savvy
  • The feeder does not have smartphone connectivity, which might be expected at this price point
  • Some may find the portion sizes limiting for larger pets

Upon unboxing the VOLUAS Smart Feeder, our initial impression was its user-friendly design. The LCD screen provided clear instructions, making the setup quicker than we had anticipated, though a brief consultation of the manual was needed to get all the details right.

Once up and running, we appreciated the flexibility in power source options. It’s been reassuring to know that our furry companion will be fed on time, even during a power outage, thanks to the battery backup.

Probably the feature we found most endearing was the voice recording. Hearing the delight in our cat’s purr when the familiar sound of our voice called her to eat was truly heartwarming. It’s these little touches that make the VOLUAS Smart Feeder feel like more than just a gadget.

We did notice that setting the exact portion sizes required a bit of trial and error, which wasn’t ideal. But after a couple of adjustments, we got it dispensing the perfect amount for our cat’s specific appetite.

Finally, one downside was the absence of a smartphone app. Nowadays, when you can control almost anything from your phone, not having the option to interact with the feeder remotely feels like a missed opportunity.

All in all, we believe the VOLUAS Smart Feeder is a practical investment for maintaining our pet’s feeding routine while adding a touch of personalization through the beloved feature of mealtime voice calls.

PETULTRA 4L Cat Feeder

We think this feeder is a godsend for busy pet parents who want to ensure their beloved cats are fed on time and in the right portions.


  • Hassle-free meal scheduling
  • Dual power supply for peace of mind
  • Voice recording feature to comfort pets


  • Setting the time can be tricky
  • No included batteries
  • Large pieces of kibble may require adjustment of portion sizes

After experimenting with the PETULTRA 4L Cat Feeder, it feels like a sigh of relief for us who juggle a hectic schedule but still prioritize our cat’s health and routine. The anti-clogging design is a standout, making sure food is dispensed without any hiccups which, honestly, made our mornings run smoother.

Using this automatic feeder, we could observe that it delivers on its promise of timely meals. The amount of control afforded to us in customizing feeding times and portions has been instrumental in managing our cat’s weight and ensuring she isn’t overeating or hungry.

Moreover, the feeder’s dual power supply option brought us added reassurance, especially when we’re away. Even in a power outage, the batteries kept the feeder running, which means less worry about our furry friend missing a meal. Plus, there’s something quite heartwarming about leaving a personal recorded message for our pet; it seems to ease her anxiety when we’re not around.

Cleaning, admittedly, can be less exciting, but the feeder’s design simplifies the task. Since we always crave convenience, a dishwasher-safe component would be the cherry on top. Despite this, knowing our cat consistently receives the right portions of her favorite kibble and hearing the gratitude in her purrs when we return home, makes the PETULTRA 4L Cat Feeder a staple in our daily routine.

Yuposl 8-Cup Pet Feeder

We think the Yuposl Automatic Feeder is a must-buy for pet owners who want peace of mind with their furry friends’ feeding schedules, thanks to its reliability and user-friendly features.


  • Keeps pet food fresh and secure against curious paws
  • Offers customizable portion control for up to 6 meals a day
  • Dual power supply enhances reliability


  • Does not come with batteries included
  • Might have a learning curve for programming meal schedules
  • Single size option limits usage for larger pets

Since integrating the Yuposl 8-Cup Feeder into our routine, there’s been a noticeable ease around feeding times. Its ability to dispense precise portions means our cats are getting a consistent and healthy diet, even on the busiest days. We loved how the feeder’s design seals in freshness—no more stale kibble!

We also found its dual power supply option to be a game-changer, ensuring the feeder stays operational even if the power goes out. Placing it in any room is hassle-free due to this flexibility, especially with no cords to trip over when it’s running on batteries.

Handling the programming took a bit of time, but once we got the hang of it, the benefits were clear. Our cats now enjoy their meals right on schedule, and we’re less stressed about overfeeding or missing a feeding. Be mindful, though, the feeder caters to small to medium-sized pets due to its size.


We’ve found this automatic feeder to be a game-changer for cat owners who need a reliable way to manage their feline’s feeding schedule.


  • Ensures timely meals even when we’re not home
  • Personal voice recording feature strengthens the bond
  • Designed to prevent food jams efficiently


  • Requires occasional monitoring for clogging
  • Voice recording might be too loud for some
  • Not the easiest to program for tech-challenged users

Worrying about our cat getting fed on time while we’re away is a thing of the past with the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder. It’s clear they’ve given thought to design, as the food bowl angle and outlet prevent any potential blockages. Plus, the secure top lid has kept our curious kitty from sneaking extra treats.

The ability to record a personal message means we can still feel present during our pet’s mealtime. It’s been heartwarming to witness our cat’s reaction to our voice, though we’ve also appreciated the silent setting for its discretion.

Admittedly, getting up to speed with the programming took us a few tries, and we do pop in to check for any clogs now and then. But overall, our feeding routine has been simplified. This dependable gadget has seamlessly integrated into our daily flow, proving its value time and time again.

Our Smart Cat Buddy

We think you’ll love the convenience and dependability of this feeder for keeping your beloved cats well-fed and happy.


  • The feeder’s app connectivity allows us to manage feeding times and portions from anywhere.
  • Its generous 4L capacity means we don’t have to worry about refills when we’re away for a couple of weeks.
  • The customized voice message feature lets us call our cats to meals, making them feel loved even when we’re not home.


  • A stable Wi-Fi connection is essential for remote access, which can be a problem if connectivity is an issue.
  • The initial setup may be challenging for those of us who are less tech-savvy.
  • Transitioning from plug to battery mode triggers a self-check that restarts the machine, possibly confusing our pets.

Having just used our Smart Cat Buddy, we were immediately impressed by the peace of mind the Smart Feeding Setting brought to our busy lives. Connecting the feeder to Wi-Fi was a breeze, allowing us to swiftly plan out our cats’ meals through the mobile app. It’s truly reassuring to know that they’re fed consistently, especially during our late worknights.

The 4L capacity of the Smart Cat Buddy comfortably holds enough food to last our cats several days, which means short business trips no longer fill us with guilt about leaving them alone. Moreover, the scheduling flexibility ensures our fussy feline gets her strict diet maintained quantitatively throughout the day, with no risk of overeating.

Finally, the 10-second voice recording is a gem! Hearing our own voice calling them to eat gives us a chuckle, and we like to think it makes our cats feel like we’re still there with them. The dual power supply adds an extra layer of reliability – even if we have a power outage, the backup batteries kick in to keep everything running smoothly.

In sum, for those of us who seek an easy and effective way to care for our cats’ dietary needs while juggling a hectic schedule, the Smart Cat Buddy is a game-changer.

PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to maintain your cat’s feeding schedule, this PETLIBRO feeder is a great find.


  • Convenient app-based programming
  • No worries about power outages with rechargeable battery
  • Freshness-focused food storage design


  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks
  • Manual cleaning is required; not dishwasher safe
  • Might be tricky to program for the technologically challenged

Ever since we started using PETLIBRO’s Automatic Feeder, our days have become much simpler. Setting up feedings through the app is seamless, and it’s reassuring to know that the 30-day battery life has our cat’s mealtimes covered, even if we forget to charge it right away.

Having it operate on a rechargeable battery is perfect for placing it anywhere without worrying about finding a power outlet. Plus, the flexibility to adjust portions and meal times remotely means our cat is always fed on time, even when our schedule changes.

The locking lid has been a brilliant feature – our mischievous furball has finally met its match and can’t sneak any extra kibble. Also, the sealed silicone rotor is a true game-changer, keeping the food dry and fresh.

The only hiccup we encountered was getting accustomed to programming the feeder with our Wi-Fi, but once we got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. It’s important to note that for folks who aren’t as tech-savvy, there might be a small learning curve. Cleaning requires a bit of elbow grease since it’s not dishwasher friendly, but it’s a minor inconvenience for the overall convenience the feeder brings to our daily routine.

Trifuns Feeder

We think the Trifuns Feeder is a fantastic buy, thanks to its custom meal programming and dual power supply, keeping your furry friends well-fed even during power outages.


  • Customizable meal schedule and portion size
  • Large capacity holds enough food for weeks
  • Dual power supply for reliability


  • Might be tricky to program for the less tech-savvy
  • Only for dry food, limiting diet variety
  • Not suitable for large-sized kibble

Over the past few weeks, we’ve found that our daily routine has been simplified immensely. Quickly setting up our Trifuns Feeder, we’ve tailored feeding times and portions to our cat’s needs, which has been a game-changer for us. Imagine waking up to no meowing for food – pure bliss!

We noticed a significant improvement in our cat’s eating habits since we started using the slow feed option. It’s a relief to see our furry companion eating at a healthier pace. Plus, the feeder’s striking black design became a sleek addition to our kitchen space.

Lastly, despite a minor hiccup with understanding the setup instructions, we haven’t encountered any issues with food jams or sluggish performance, all thanks to the feeder’s anti-jamming features. Moreover, the dual power supply provides peace of mind since our cat won’t miss a meal if the electricity goes out.

In all, our experience with the Trifuns Feeder has been overwhelmingly positive, and we trust it will make your pet feeding routine as carefree as ours.

PETKIT Smart Feeder

We believe this smart feeder is a solid choice for pet parents who want convenience without compromising their pet’s wellbeing.


  • Empowers you to observe and engage with your pet from afar
  • Helps manage your pet’s dietary needs with precision
  • Ensures freshness and avoids food sticking issues


  • Limited to 2.4GHz WiFi for connectivity
  • Some users may find it challenging to set up
  • Premium features require app subscription

After integrating the PETKIT feeder into our daily routine, we immediately noticed the ease of monitoring our cat’s feeding habits. The HD camera proved invaluable, granting us a clear window into our pet’s day, especially during night with its night vision capabilities. We found ourselves often peeking in, greeted by the sight of our feline companion contentedly munching her kibble.

The app’s intuitive interface was a breeze; setting up meal plans felt almost effortless. We cherished the ability to control the feeding schedule and portions, which is especially handy for households with pets on strict diets. We did encounter a slight hiccup initially with our WiFi set up, but soon realized the device only connects to 2.4GHz networks. Once sorted, it worked like a charm.

We took particular delight in the two-way audio. Calling out to our pet and hearing her respond was a delightful way to break up a busy day. There’s a sense of connection that comes with this feature that’s quite profound. Yet, we must admit, accessing the full suite of functionalities does require a subscription, which might not appeal to everyone.

Overall, the PETKIT Smart Feeder integrates into a cat owner’s life almost seamlessly, assuming connectivity isn’t an issue. It becomes a silent companion that offers a reassuring presence, ensuring that our furry friends are well-fed and happy even when we’re away.

IMIPAW Smart Feeder

We’d recommend this feeder for any pet owner who wants the ease of scheduled feedings and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable device.


  • Consistently delivers the right portion of food
  • Simple setup and maintenance
  • Dual power supply for added reliability


  • Limited to four meals per day
  • Initial setup may be challenging
  • Timing can drift slightly over extended use

After incorporating the IMIPAW Smart Feeder into our daily routine, we’ve noticed our cats are more at ease, knowing mealtime is always on schedule. What stands out is how accurate it dispenses food, ensuring our feline friends stay full and nourished, without causing overfeeding. Since we began using this, we’ve seen a positive change in their eating pattern, which is a big relief for our busy household.

The setup was straightforward, and we appreciated the clear LCD screen that guided us through the process. Cleaning is a breeze too – just detach the food tray and give it a quick wash. Being able to lock the lid has been a game-changer, as it prevents our curious cat from sneaking extra meals. The feeder’s compact size doesn’t take too much space, blending seamlessly into the corner of our kitchen.

As reliable as the IMIPAW feeder has been, we did need to keep the manual handy during the initial setup to get the hang of the settings. While the feeder allows up to four meals a day, we wished for a couple more slots to spread out smaller portions. Despite being a minor detail, the timing can occasionally drift – a quick check now and then ensures everything stays on track. Even with these nuances, the feeder has substantially improved our cat care routine.

Ymiko Feeder

We found the Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder not only reliable but a real game-changer for our cat’s feeding routine.


  • Hassle-free meal scheduling
  • Dependable with a solid build
  • Friendly voice recording feature


  • Mild learning curve for programming
  • Smaller than expected
  • Limited portion size flexibility

We were pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the setup of the Ymiko Feeder was. From unboxing to the first dispense, it felt like a breeze—even for us who tend to skim through manuals. Once we got the hang of the programmable timer, it was satisfying to see our feline friend get fed on the dot, every day.

The voice recording function was a terrific touch. Hearing our voice calling them to eat seemed to bring comfort and a touch of home to our cat, especially when we weren’t around. The solid construction gave us peace of mind, demonstrating no signs of wear and tear even after months of daily use.

However, the initial setup did require some extra attention. It wasn’t overly complex, but definitely needed a careful read of the instructions to get everything programmed right. We also noticed the size was a bit smaller than we anticipated—though that wasn’t a major issue. Lastly, we had to play around a bit with the portion sizes, as they weren’t as customizable as we’d hoped, but it’s something we managed to work out with a little trial and error.

In conclusion, the Ymiko Feeder holds up to its promises and has efficiently streamlined our cat’s feeding schedule. It’s a purchase we haven’t regretted, making our lives and our furry friend’s a little easier.

Buying Guide

When considering a programmable cat feeder, we should focus on certain key features to ensure we meet our feline friends’ dietary needs.


Thinking about how much food our cat consumes daily is crucial. The right feeder should accommodate at least one day’s worth of meals.

SizeSuitable For
Small (1-3 lbs)One cat, small meals
Medium (4-6 lbs)Multiple cats or larger meals
Large (7+ lbs)Multiple cats or extended absence

Meal Customization

  • Number of Meals: Can it dispense multiple meals per day?
  • Portion Control: Does it let us specify meal sizes?
  • Schedule Flexibility: Can we set different times for each meal?

Power Source

  • Battery: Are we okay with changing batteries, or do we prefer a plug-in device for constant power?
  • Backup Power: Does it have a battery backup to ensure feeding during power outages?

Durability and Design

We must look for sturdy construction that a cat can’t easily knock over. The feeder should have a secure locking lid to keep our curious cat from breaking in.

Ease of Cleaning

  • Dishwasher Safe: Are the parts dishwasher friendly?
  • Disassembly: Can we easily take it apart for a thorough clean?


Do we want to control the feeder via an app? If being tech-savvy is up our alley, app connectivity might be a desirable feature.

By focusing on these attributes, we lay out the groundwork for finding a programmable cat feeder that aligns with our lifestyle and our cat’s needs. Remember to check real-life reviews from fellow cat parents to gauge the feeder’s performance in everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some common questions to help you make informed decisions about the best automatic cat feeders, especially for those juggling a busy lifestyle with the needs of their feline friends.

What are the top-rated automatic cat feeders for wet food?

The Cat Mate C500 is highly praised for its ability to keep wet food fresh thanks to its ice pack feature. Another favorite is the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, which ensures that food stays covered until your cat approaches.

How can an automatic cat feeder cater to multiple cats simultaneously?

Look for feeders like the HoneyGuaridan A36 that offer multiple meal settings with portion control. This allows us to set different feeding schedules and portion sizes for each cat, even in a multi-cat household.

Which automatic cat feeder with a camera is the most reliable for remote monitoring?

The Petcube Bites 2 stands out for its HD camera and two-way audio. This lets us interact with our cats and monitor their eating habits in real-time from our smartphones.

Are there any in-depth reviews available for PETLIBRO automatic cat feeders?

Yes, many pet care blogs and online consumer platforms provide comprehensive reviews on PETLIBRO products. This helps us ensure the product’s reliability and user-friendly programming before purchasing.

What is the best way to program an automatic cat feeder for daily use?

Choose feeders with intuitive interfaces, like the PETKIT Smart Feed, which offers a user-friendly app for daily programming. The key is to select a feeder with clear scheduling options that can match our cats’ unique feeding routines.

How long can an automatic cat feeder sustain a cat when I’m away?

Feeders like the WOPET 7L can hold several days’ worths of dry food and ensure our cats are fed regularly while we’re away. The duration depends on the hopper size and the number of daily meals programmed.

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