PetSafe Smart Door Review: Worth It?

petsafe smart door review

Keeping our pets safe and secure is always a priority, and that’s why we were excited to try out the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door. This automatic door promises to control our pets’ access, ensuring that only our furry friends with the special key can pass through. We found the automatic mode particularly handy as it detects our pets from up to 3 feet away and unlocks just for them. As soon as they’re through, it locks back up, preventing any unwelcome guests.

On the positive side, the flexibility of the programmable entry, exit, and auto-locking options makes it perfect for homes with multiple pets. We’re impressed that it can manage up to five electronic keys, and its battery operation means we don’t need to worry about hardwiring it into place.

Bottom Line

If you need an easy and secure way to manage your pets’ movement, the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door is a great option. It’s user-friendly and designed to keep your home protected from other animals. Check it out on Amazon and decide if it’s the right fit for you and your pets.

Overview of the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door

The PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door has really simplified how we manage our pets’ in-and-out access. It uses a special collar key, so only pets wearing it can go through. This makes it great for keeping unwanted animals out.

It can be set for different modes: entry, exit, or auto-locking. For homes with multiple pets, you can program up to five keys, making it really versatile.

The installation is straightforward, whether you’re putting it in a door or a wall (with a wall kit). It’s powered by 4 D-cell batteries, so there’s no need for wiring. The door locks automatically behind your pet, ensuring safety.

Programmable Access

Managing pet access with the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door is straightforward thanks to its programmable features. We love how you can set entry, exit, and auto-lock options. This kind of control is super important for households with multiple pets.

The door works with an Electronic Pet Door Key, which only lets pets wearing the key pass through. This minimizes unwanted strays. We did notice that the device is battery-operated and requires frequent battery changes, which can be a hassle. All in all, this door offers a good balance of convenience and security for pet owners.

Waterproof Key and Security

We appreciated the peace of mind the waterproof key provided. Our pets could come and go freely while ensuring they were the only ones to use the door. This feature is especially handy for keeping out strays.

On the downside, we noticed that the key’s size is more suited for larger pets and may be too bulky for smaller ones. Despite this, the security aspect is solid, and the auto-locking feature feels reliable and safe. Ensuring the batteries are fresh is a must to keep everything working seamlessly.

Ease of Installation

Setting up the PetSafe electronic pet door was fairly straightforward. We only needed basic tools to get the job done, and the manual included clear instructions. The step-by-step guide made the installation process smooth, even for someone who isn’t very handy.

We did find that installing it in a wall took more time and effort compared to a door installation. The wall install kit was necessary for this setup, and it required a bit more precision and preparation. Overall, most of the work involved measuring and cutting the right size opening, which was manageable.

Most users can handle this installation without professional help. Still, some might prefer to have an extra hand to ensure everything fits correctly and operates as it should.

Battery Operation Convenience

We found the battery operation of the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door both convenient and a bit of a hassle. Installing the 4 D-cell batteries was straightforward, and we appreciated that it didn’t require any wiring. This makes the door easy to set up anywhere, even if there’s no electrical outlet nearby.

On the downside, the door seems to consume batteries fairly quickly. We had to replace them more often than we expected, which can get annoying over time. Keeping a spare set of batteries handy is a good idea. Overall, the ease of installation and flexibility the battery operation offers are great, but be prepared for frequent battery changes.

Customer Care and Warranty

PetSafe offers reliable customer support for their Electronic Pet Door. We found their team to be responsive and helpful. Any questions or issues we had were addressed promptly, which made the experience quite smooth.

The warranty for this product covers defects for one year. While this is a standard duration, we feel that a more extended period would provide additional peace of mind. Given the mixed reviews, it’s essential to register your product and keep all purchase documentation. That way, should any issues arise, you’re prepared to handle them.

Pros and Cons


One of the best things about the PetSafe door is that it gives us the ability to control our pets’ access. We can set it to let them in, out, or lock completely, which really helps manage their activity. Only pets wearing the special key can use the door, adding an extra layer of security.

Having multiple pets in our household, we appreciate that it’s programmable for up to five pet keys. It’s also great that the door can be installed in either interior or exterior doors, with an option for wall installation.


We did notice a few issues. The door uses four D-cell batteries, which can run out quickly, and it requires regular checking and changing. This can be annoying especially if we forget to have fresh batteries on hand. Additionally, while it works well for bigger pets, the tags can be too large for smaller animals, making it less comfortable for them.

It also seems that some users have experienced problems with wind drafts through the door, something to consider if it’s installed in a particularly breezy spot in the house.

Customer Reviews and Reactions

Many pet owners shared their thoughts on the PetSafe pet door. Most of them found it helpful, especially for making pets more independent. They mentioned it works well to keep out unwanted animals, which is a big plus.

Yet, some users had a tough time with the batteries. The door needs fresh ones pretty often, and this went for both the door itself and the pet collar batteries. Some customers also noticed the tags might be too large for smaller pets, which isn’t ideal.

Despite a few issues, many reviews expressed satisfaction with how the door improves their pet’s freedom and security. While opinions vary, it’s clear the product has made a positive impact for many families.


The PetSafe door has its strong points. We found it made life easier for our pets, who could move more freely. On the bright side, it kept strays out and was easy to install.

Some negatives stood out. The unit uses a lot of batteries, which adds up. Smaller pets may struggle with the larger tag size. The door also had gaps that let in drafts. Despite these issues, it did function well when everything was set up right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor compare to other automatic pet doors on the market?

We’ve tried a few different automatic pet doors before settling on the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor. This one stands out mainly because of its customizable access settings. It’s convenient that only pets wearing the Electronic Pet Door Key can use it. Compared to others, it offers a good balance of security and ease of use. Some models we’ve seen are either too tech-heavy or not secure enough. The PetSafe door finds a nice middle ground.

What are the dimensions and size options available for PetSafe Smart Doors?

The PetSafe SmartDoor comes in different sizes, making it versatile for various pets. The large size, which we used, fits pets up to 100 pounds. This larger door measures 8.6 x 3.25 x 27.1 inches. It’s pretty accommodating, even for bigger dogs. There are smaller sizes available, but the large one works well for most homes with medium to large pets.

How secure is the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor against unwanted animals entering?

We were concerned about stray animals entering our home, but the PetSafe SmartDoor does a good job of preventing that. The door locks automatically after your pet exits, and only pets wearing the special key can re-enter. This feature is gold for keeping unwanted critters out. There is a slight chance of smaller animals finding a way in, but we haven’t had any issues so far.

Can the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor be installed on all types of doors and walls?

Installing the PetSafe SmartDoor was fairly straightforward. It’s designed for both interior and exterior doors, and you can even use it with walls if you get the Wall Install Kit. We found it worked best on standard doors, but if you have a unique setup, it might require some additional tools or adjustments. We had no trouble installing it on our back door.

What is the durability and weather resistance of the PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door?

We’ve been using this door through various weather conditions, and it holds up well. The material is durable, and it doesn’t show signs of rust. This was a key selling point for us because we didn’t want to replace it after a couple of seasons. Even in heavy rain, it stays secure and doesn’t leak, which is a relief.

How user-friendly is the installation and programming process of the PetSafe Automatic Dog Door?

Setting up the PetSafe Automatic Dog Door was easy. The installation took us about an hour with basic tools. Programming the door was simple too; the instructions were clear, and it didn’t require a lot of tech know-how. We managed to get it all set up without much hassle, and it’s been working smoothly ever since.

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