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Overview of the Smart Pet Industry and its Growth in 2023

Technology has revolutionized the smart pet industry, with new products and services everywhere. For example, you can easily monitor your pet when you are away and even treat them remotely.

Thanks to this influx of “smart” pet products, pet owners can now keep their furry family members safer, healthier, and happier than ever before. How will the smart pet industry shift and evolve in the future? 

We can only wonder what inventions may be created that could revolutionize how we interact with our pet companions. 

Smart Pet Products On The Rise

The Smart pet industry is on fire with many amazing products that make being a pet parent simpler and more enjoyable! From automatic feeders to activity monitors, smart tech has made it easier than ever for us to show our furry friends the love they deserve.

The global smart pet industry is booming, with predictions by Morgan Stanley that it will reach a staggering $275 billion by 2030! Do you know what it means? That your life and your pet’s life will become easier and more comfortable.

What’s Driving Growth? 

One of the major drivers behind the pet care market growth is consumer demand for convenience. With the introduction of pet tracking and surveillance, you can now enjoy your time away from home without worrying about “Fido”! Whether it’s GPS or video monitoring, you’ll have your furry friend covered when they’re out of sight. 

Smart pet companies are helping to make life easier for owners out there – you can automize pretty much everything so you can give comfort to your pets even if you are not at home! What a great way to keep “Fido” happy. 

This convenience factor is helping propel consumers toward the purchase of these tech-driven solutions over traditional alternatives.  

The other major factor driving the market growth rate is increasing pet owners’ awareness about health and safety, with access to real-time data about their pets’ health and well-being, such as sleep quality, activity levels, nutrition intake, etc.

These devices allow people to easily monitor aspects of their animals’ lives that might go unnoticed until it’s too late. It means these devices make pet ownership much easier.

Many companies are now offering integrative solutions that help promote healthy behaviors among pets, such as exercise tracking and automated reminders when it’s time for a vet visit or grooming appointment. 

In summary, there are more benefits than disadvantages, so the growth of the smart pet industry is well justified.

The Biggest Key Market Trends In The Smart Pet Industry

The Smart pet industry is having a moment, and the love affair shows no sign of fading! For the last ten years, people have been experiencing all that comes with having pet companions. 

From endless cuddles and unconditional love to boundless joy and comfort, parenthood is special when it includes a fur baby! With US estimates by Fortunly valuing it at a whopping $123.6 billion last year! 

That’s enough to buy all the pup treats and kitty litter your furry friends could ever want. Wonder what’s powering the current economic upswing? It’s time to explore some of the hottest major market trends driving this surge! 

Premiumization & Wellness Products 

It seems that our pets are getting a budget facelift! Premiumization continues to be all the rage, with pet owners investing in higher-quality products for their ‘paw-some’ pals. People are demonstrating their dedication to investing in quality products. From upscale meals and must-have toys, they want the premium experience!

It also means an increasing demand for wellness products such as organic foods, natural supplements, and even CBD treats. 

At-Home Grooming & Services 

Pets are getting pampered more than ever at home. People recognize the value of grooming their furry friends to ensure optimal health, so they’ve been searching for ways to do it without visiting a traditional place. 

From clipping nails and brushing teeth to trimming fur and cleaning up after walks, you don’t need your four-legged family members to miss out on grooming treatments while staying safe inside.

Several companies have sprung up offering mobile grooming services that come directly to your home. Keep your pet camera ready with an at-home grooming kit. Shopping for clippers and trimmers just got easier with the convenience of home delivery to style your furry friend’s hair without leaving the cozy comfort of your own space!

According to Allied Market Research, by 2025, it is anticipated that the pet grooming market will be worth $5.49 million.

Social Media Presence 

The other big trend we’re seeing is an increased presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

We agree that Pet owners everywhere are having a blast showing off their furry friends online! They’re sharing fun photos and videos, plus some great tips for caring for beloved pets. Let the pet pampering commence!

Social media has become the ultimate destination for savvy shoppers looking to stay on top of their style game. Influencers have emerged as key tastemakers, offering followers exclusive access to must-have tips and trendsetting product reviews.

Fastest Growing Pet Industry

pet industry represented mainly by cats and dogs

Pets are part of the family, and people today care more than ever to ensure their four-legged or scaly pals receive only the best. 

Pet owners spare no expense when it comes to showing their furry friends a little love, from providing them with the best nutrition to taking extra steps to keep them healthy and safe. But do you know what the fastest-growing pet industry is? Let’s take a closer look. 

Pet Services 

The pet services industry has experienced an incredible surge in popularity and growth in the global market. From unconditional love to endless entertainment. There are plenty of reasons your four-legged pals make life better. 

Suppose you want to give your pup the absolute best. In that case, there’s no shortage of options available, from a full-on VIP experience at a pet hotel to some quality time with furry friends in doggy daycare or even having an experienced dog walker come by while you’re out about.

People are increasingly willing to invest in experiences that enrich their pets’ lives and their own. This can mean anything from agility classes and flyball tournaments for dogs to cat yoga classes. Yes, it’s real! 

As owners become more creative in providing for their pets’ needs, this industry will likely only continue growing. 

Pet Grooming Products 

The pet grooming market has also experienced tremendous growth recently due to an increased demand for natural products with human-grade ingredients. People are investing in shampoos, conditioners, cologne sprays, and other styling products that smell good and keep their pets looking fresh and clean. 

Similarly, manufacturers have begun producing specialized brushes designed specifically for different kinds of coats – short hair vs long hair vs curly hair etc. – so people can purchase products that fit their particular needs. 

These items make keeping your pet looking great easier and help minimize shedding by removing excess fur during brushing sessions! 

Pet Food & Treats 

The pet food and treat market has seen incredible growth in recent years – new products are hitting the shelves every day, promising to make your pets feel happy and healthy. 

With a competitive landscape for spoiling them rotten, no surprise it’s become a booming industry! Many owners now prefer grain-free diets with high-quality proteins like lamb or salmon as the primary ingredients.

Others opt for raw diets of raw meaty bones and organ meats such as liver or kidney. And let’s not forget about all those tasty treats! 

Dog biscuits come in every shape and size imaginable these days – from peanut butter bones shaped like dinosaurs (yes, really!) to chicken jerky strips that look just like real irregular but are made specifically for dogs.

Everyone seems to want something special for their four-legged companions these days – and manufacturers have certainly noticed. 

Issues In The Pet Industry

Americans pampered their pets like never before in 2020, shelling out a whopping $99 billion to keep them tail-waggingly happy that’s 6.9% more than they spent the previous year! With that success come a host of problems. 

We must tackle animal welfare and conservation issues if we want this trend to continue! Let’s examine some of these issues and how they affect our beloved furry friends. 

Animal Welfare Laws 

Inadequate animal welfare laws can lead to the mistreatment and abuse of animals and poor living conditions. Even though animals play an important role in our lives, unfortunately, the US currently lacks legal protection for them at the national level. 

Each state is left to implement its animal safety and well-being regulations, making it a patchwork of different standards across America. Unfortunately, this patchwork system leads to confusion and even conflicting rules from one state to another. As a result, animals may suffer needlessly due to inadequate animal protection laws. 

Environmental Issues 

The Smart pet industry has also been linked to environmental problems such as water pollution and climate change. Pet waste can be a real ecological menace, ruining our rivers with dangerous bacteria and posing serious health risks to people, animals, and the ecosystem. 

This is why it’s so important that pet owners use proper disposal methods. Pet products often contain chemicals such as dyes or fragrances which can damage human health and the environment when not disposed of properly or recycled correctly. 

Climate change (forecast period) has been linked to increased cases of allergies and other diseases caused by temperature or air quality changes, which can affect pets and people. 


A common problem facing many shelters around the country is overcrowding due to the overpopulation of cats and dogs in their care facilities. This issue can increase euthanasia rates due to a lack of space or resources available for care. 

It can cause physical and mental stress on shelter workers who have too much work with too few resources for caregiving activities, such as spaying/neutering animals before adopting into new homes or providing adequate medical attention when needed.  


It’s clear that the smart pet industry (pet sector) is here to stay, and with good reason! Technology has revolutionized pet care, giving owners peace and meaningful insight into their animals’ health.  Because of the smart pet products market like GPS tracking systems, video cameras, and interactive toys, there’s something for every critter out there. And with good market dynamics, we can be better guardians than ever. As pet parents’ demand continues to increase in this space, so will technological advancements, undoubtedly leading us to an even brighter future for our four-legged friends through the smart pet products industry!

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