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10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders: Top Picks for 2024

best automatic fish feeders

Feeding fish every day can be a challenge, especially if you have a busy schedule or travel regularly. Automatic fish feeders offer a convenient solution, delivering food to your fish at scheduled times. These devices are essential for ensuring your aquatic pets are well-fed without your constant attention.

When choosing an automatic fish feeder, there are a few key factors to consider. The type of food it can dispense, frequency settings, battery life, and ease of cleaning all play important roles in selecting the best one. Features like programmable timers and adjustable portion sizes can make a big difference in maintaining your fish’s health.

We spent countless hours researching and testing various automatic fish feeders to identify those that provide reliable and consistent feeding for your aquarium.

Best Automatic Fish Feeders

Taking care of your fish becomes easier with an automatic fish feeder. We’ve picked the best options to suit different tanks and needs.

Our list includes top-rated feeders that offer convenience and reliability. Let’s dive in and find the perfect feeder for your aquarium.

Fish Mate F14 Automatic Fish Feeder

Compact and versatile, it’s a reliable choice for feeding your fish while you’re away.


  • Accurate and gradual feeding
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Suitable for various fish foods


  • Requires cleaning after continuous use
  • May need an air pump for flake food
  • Limited to 14 meals

This feeder is a great companion for any fish owner. It’s easy to set up with its versatile mounting options. We appreciated how it can be fixed on the aquarium hood, glass edge, or condensation tray. This flexibility made it simple to find the perfect spot in our tank.

One thing we truly valued was the precise feeding mechanism. With a trusty quartz timer, the Fish Mate F14 delivers up to four meals a day. This gradual feeding helps keep our fish healthy by preventing overeating. Plus, with 14 individual meal slots, we felt confident leaving the aquarium unattended during vacations.

Though the feeder works well, it does need some maintenance. Every two weeks, it’s recommended to clean the rotor to ensure smooth operation. Also, if you use flake food, you might need to attach an air pump to keep the food from clumping together. Despite these minor inconveniences, we found the Fish Mate F14 to be a reliable and practical solution for our fish-feeding needs.

hygger Automatic Fish Feeder

This feeder makes caring for your fish convenient and fun, perfect for busy pet owners.


  • Easy remote control with app
  • Real-time monitoring with 2K HD camera
  • Moisture-proof design keeps food fresh


  • Requires WiFi for full functionality
  • High cost compared to simpler models
  • Camera quality could be better

Setting up the hygger Automatic Fish Feeder was straightforward. We were impressed with the app’s easy-to-use interface, making it simple to schedule feedings and monitor the tank while away. The ability to control feeding remotely offers great peace of mind, especially for frequent travelers.

The 2K HD camera is a standout feature. Watching our fish in real-time is both entertaining and reassuring. It’s easy to check their well-being and capture moments to share with friends. While the camera does its job, the image quality might not meet everyone’s expectations.

We also like the moisture-proof design that keeps fish food dry and fresh. This ensures consistent feeding and prevents food from clumping. The choice between two food outlet sizes is a thoughtful addition, catering to different fish sizes and dietary needs.

The hygger Automatic Fish Feeder combines technology and convenience, making fish care easier and more enjoyable.

Hygger Auto Pond Feeder

This feeder is practical for anyone looking to automate the feeding process for their outdoor koi pond.


  • Large food storage capacity
  • Easy-to-read LCD controller
  • Weather-resistant build


  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • Requires tools for installation
  • Power cord could be longer

Our first impression of the Hygger Auto Pond Feeder is that it’s quite sturdy and looks good in an outdoor setting. The build quality is solid, and it seems well-suited for larger ponds. You can easily program it using the LCD controller, which is a handy feature for setting up a feeding schedule.

One thing to note is that programming the settings can be tricky if you don’t read the instructions carefully. The manual feeding button is useful for instant feeding, but getting the portions right takes a bit of trial and error. Also, the unit requires a bit of setup with tools, so make sure you have a drill handy.

The power cord is long, but it could be longer to allow more flexibility in placing the controller. That said, the fact that it doesn’t need batteries is a big plus. It’s great for long vacations as it holds enough food to last several weeks.

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder

This feeder stands out for its rechargeable design and impressive feeding range.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy to program
  • Compatible with various feed types


  • Programming can be tricky initially
  • Attachment options are limited
  • Quiet operation can be hard to notice

We’ve just used the Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder and it’s pretty convenient for keeping your fish fed, especially if you’re away often. It has a large 200ml feed bucket, making it ideal for granules and powders. The battery life impressed us, lasting between 3 to 6 months on a single charge, which means we don’t have to worry about frequent recharging.

Setting up the feeding schedule took a bit of trial and error, but once we got the hang of it, it worked reliably. We appreciate that you can set up to four feedings a day, adjusting the number of rotations each time. Although the feeder is quiet, it ensures our fish are fed even when we’re not home.

One minor issue we encountered was with the attachment process. You might need a sticky pad to secure it flat on the aquarium. Despite this, the feeder worked great for our tanks and would be perfect for vacation use.

FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder

The FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder is a convenient and reliable option for keeping your fish fed when you can’t be there.


  • Handles flake food well
  • Easy to set up and program
  • Works for both small and large tanks


  • Slightly flimsy build quality
  • Display can be hard to read
  • Might dispense too much food

We’ve tried the FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder, and it is straightforward to use. It works well with flake food, which can be rare among automatic feeders. Setting it up took only a few minutes, and the instructions were easy to follow.

This feeder is versatile, working for a variety of tank sizes from small aquariums to larger ponds. The programmable feature lets us schedule up to nine feedings a day, making sure our fish are fed even when we’re not at home.

One drawback is that the build feels a bit cheap, and the display can be tough to read if not in good lighting. Also, it might dispense more food than needed, so some adjustments might be necessary. Overall, it’s a solid choice for those needing a dependable feeder.

AquaMiracle Automatic Fish Feeder

The AquaMiracle Automatic Fish Feeder is a solid choice for anyone looking to keep their fish fed while they’re away.


  • Easy to set feed timing
  • Fits various types of aquariums
  • Moisture-proof design


  • Hard to control food amount
  • No power switch
  • Requires manual testing for ideal volume

Setting up the AquaMiracle feeder was surprisingly quick. The button interface made it simple to set the feed intervals, and we appreciated not having to deal with a screen. The 360-degree rotatable bracket was handy for adjusting the position, fitting well on different types of aquariums.

The large food drum kept the food dry, which is a big plus. However, we did find it tricky to adjust the feeding volume accurately. It’s either too much or too little unless you do some manual testing first. Also, there’s no power switch, so once the batteries are in, it’s always on.

Despite these minor issues, the AquaMiracle performed reliably during our tests. It handled various types of fish food well, although breaking flakes into smaller pieces helped with consistency. This feeder is a solid option for short vacations or busy schedules.

GEZIEKID Bluetooth Fish Feeder

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient fish feeder, this one is worth considering for its app control and ease of use.


  • Easy setup with Bluetooth
  • Flexible feeding schedules
  • Clear feeding history on the app


  • Needs a nearby power outlet
  • Extra storage box sold separately
  • Not compatible with all fish tank sizes

The GEZIEKID Bluetooth Fish Feeder impressed us with its simple setup. Connecting to the app via Bluetooth was quick and uncomplicated; no need for Wi-Fi or extra permissions. We appreciated the flexibility offered by the timing and interval modes. This means we can decide exactly when and how often our fish get fed.

Installation was quite straightforward due to the adjustable clamps. Whether attaching it to an open or closed aquarium, the feeder fit securely. The push-pull feeding design was effective in keeping the fish food dry, which is essential for maintaining the quality of the food.

One of the highlights was the feeding history feature. It allowed us to track not just feeding times but also other important events like water changes. This made fish care even more manageable. The only minor inconvenience was needing a power outlet near the tank, which might be a limitation for some. Also, the extra storage box had to be purchased separately, which added to the overall cost.

In summary, the GEZIEKID Bluetooth Fish Feeder is a solid choice for fish owners looking for a hassle-free automatic feeder with flexible scheduling options. Its Bluetooth connectivity and detailed feeding history make it a standout option in the market.

TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder

This TOPBRY automatic fish feeder offers an easy way to ensure our fish are well-fed, especially when we’re away.


  • Long battery life with USB recharging
  • Easy to add food from the top
  • Multiple feeding times and rotation options


  • Installation can be tricky
  • Instructions are limited
  • Not ideal for all types of fish food

The USB recharging feature on the TOPBRY automatic fish feeder is a big plus. It can last for months on a single charge, making it very convenient for prolonged trips. Setting up to four feeding times daily allows us to customize feeding schedules to our needs.

Plus, adding food is simple with the top-loading design. This means we don’t need to disassemble the entire device just to refill it.

We did find that installation can be a bit challenging. It took some tinkering to get it fixed in the right spot. The instructions were not very helpful, so we had to rely a bit on trial and error.

Overall, it’s a reliable device if we need to feed our fish without constantly worrying about it.

EHEIM Twin Automatic Feeder

Ideal for maintaining a regular feeding schedule for your fish while you’re away.


  • Dual food chambers for variety
  • Individual programming for each chamber
  • Keeps food dry with aerated chambers


  • Batteries required
  • Not ideal for large flake food
  • Limited to two types of food

The EHEIM Twin Automatic Feeder stands out due to its dual chambers that allow you to use different types of food at the same time. This feature ensures that all your fish receive the right nourishment. We found it convenient for our mixed species aquarium, making it a versatile option for fish owners.

Programming each chamber separately adds flexibility to feeding schedules. If you have fish with different dietary needs, this feature really shines. The large display is easy to read, which makes setting up the feeder straightforward. We appreciated having clear instructions and a user-friendly interface.

The aeration feature keeps food dry, preventing it from clumping and ensuring a smooth feeding process. While setting up the feeder requires some trial and error to get the portions right, once adjusted, it works reliably. Overall, it offers a practical solution for feeding fish when you’re not around.

Fish Mate P7000 Feeder

This feeder is ideal for anyone needing a reliable and large-capacity fish feeder for ponds.


  • Large 6.5 lbs capacity
  • Easy-to-use LCD control
  • Durable, weather-resistant design


  • Requires four C batteries
  • Setup may be tricky at first
  • Not suitable for flake food

Most pond owners will appreciate the Fish Mate P7000 Feeder for its big capacity. It can hold up to 6.5 lbs of pellets or sticks, meaning you won’t have to refill it constantly. The snap-lock lid ensures that the food stays dry and protected from the elements.

We found the LCD control quite simple to use, allowing precise programming for feeding times and portion sizes. The ability to manually feed or set a frequent feed mode adds flexibility, which is a nice bonus for fish health management.

On the downside, the feeder does need four C batteries, and they are not included. Some users may find the setup a bit tricky, especially if the manual is not clear. Make sure to follow the directions closely to get it working correctly. Despite these minor issues, the P7000 is a robust and convenient option for keeping pond fish well-fed.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best automatic fish feeder can be overwhelming with so many options available. We want to help you find the right one for your aquarium. Let’s look at what features are important.


The size of the feeder’s container matters. Some feeders hold more food than others. Think about how many fish you have and how often you’ll need to refill the feeder.

Feeding Schedule

Look for feeders with flexible feeding times. Some feeders allow you to set multiple feeding times per day. This feature is great if you want to mimic your fish’s natural feeding habits.

Portions Control

Being able to adjust portion sizes ensures your fish get the right amount of food. Overfeeding can harm your fish and dirty the tank, while underfeeding can leave them hungry.

Battery Life

Battery-operated feeders are convenient, but check how long the batteries will last. Some feeders use a lot of power and need frequent battery changes.

Ease of Use

We need a feeder that’s easy to set up and program. Complicated controls can be frustrating. A user-friendly interface ensures you can set the feeder quickly and correctly.

Moisture Control

Food can spoil if it gets wet. Look for feeders designed to keep food dry. This prevents mold and keeps the food fresh for your fish.


Make sure the feeder fits your tank. Some feeders may not work well with certain tank covers or rims. Check the dimensions and mounting options.

Material and Durability

Durable materials ensure your feeder will last. Plastic is common, but check for high-quality, non-toxic materials that won’t harm your fish.

By focusing on these key features, we can find the best automatic fish feeder for our aquarium needs. Consider what’s most important for your setup and always read reviews to make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic fish feeders can be a great addition to your aquarium setup. They help maintain a regular feeding schedule and ensure your fish are well-fed, even when you’re not around.

Let’s address some common questions about choosing and using automatic fish feeders effectively.

What features to look for in an automatic feeder for a small aquarium?

For small aquariums, we recommend looking for compact feeders with adjustable feed portions. Timers should be precise to prevent overfeeding. Battery-operated models are often more practical for smaller tanks as they are easier to install and manage.

How can I ensure an automatic fish feeder dispenses the correct amount of flakes without clogging?

It’s important to choose an automatic feeder with a reliable dispensing mechanism. Feeders with anti-clog features or special flake-dispensing designs can help. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the feeder also prevent clogging and ensure a consistent feed.

What are the most reliable automatic feeders for outdoor ponds?

For outdoor ponds, durability is key. Look for weatherproof feeders with large capacity hoppers to hold more food. Solar-powered feeders are a good option as they ensure continuous operation without frequent battery replacements.

Which automatic fish feeders are suitable for feeding betta fish?

Betta fish require specific types of food. We suggest using feeders that can dispense small pellets accurately. Models with fine-tuned portion control and adjustable dispensing schedules are ideal to meet the needs of betta fish without overfeeding.

How often should an automatic fish feeder be refilled in a marine aquarium?

Refill frequency depends on the size of the feeder’s hopper and the number of fish. Generally, for a well-stocked marine aquarium, feeders may need refilling every 1 to 2 weeks. Always monitor the feed levels and adjust as necessary to ensure your marine life is adequately fed.

Can you recommend a durable fish feeder for a larger aquarium setup?

For larger aquarium setups, we advise using high-capacity feeders with robust construction. Automated feeders with digital timers and multiple feed compartments offer versatility and reliability. Make sure to check for models that handle a variety of food types, from flakes to pellets.

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