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Fitbark 2 Review: Is This the Best Dog Fitness Tracker?

fitbark 2 review

We’ve been trying out the FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor with our furry friends, and it’s been an eye-opener. This small, lightweight tracker has helped us understand more about our dogs’ activities, sleep habits, and overall health in ways we didn’t expect. It’s like having a little window into their daily lives, letting us see how they’re doing even when we’re not around.

One thing we love is its ability to sync with our smart devices, letting us compare our activity levels with our dogs’. It’s a great motivator for staying active together. On the flip side, we’ve noticed it requires regular checking to stay connected. Still, the insights it provides are worth the effort for any concerned pet owner.

If you want to know all the details, keep reading our complete Fitbark 2 review.

Bottom Line

For those looking to keep track of their dog’s health and activity, the FitBark 2 is a solid choice. Its detailed metrics and extended battery life make it a reliable tool. Ready to get one for your pup? Click here to purchase the FitBark 2 and start monitoring your dog’s health today!

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor Overview

FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor Overview

The FitBark 2 is a handy little device that keeps track of your dog’s movements and health stats. We’ve tried it out on our dogs and found it pretty effective. It’s quite light and small, so it doesn’t bother the dog at all. The best part is its impressive battery life—up to 6 months!

One thing we noticed is that it doesn’t have GPS. Instead, it focuses on activity and health monitoring. The app is straightforward, but sometimes it needs to be open to sync. Overall, it helps us keep tabs on our dogs’ activity and gives useful insights into their health.

Battery Life and Convenience

We really appreciated the FitBark’s long battery life. It lasts up to six months on a single charge, so we don’t have to worry about recharging it often. This makes it very convenient for busy pet owners.

Another great feature is its lightweight design. At just 10 grams, our dogs don’t even notice it on their collars. It fits any collar up to 1.5 inches wide, which is perfect for various breeds.

However, one minor drawback is that the device occasionally needs the app to be open to sync data. Despite this, the overall ease of use and battery life make it a great choice for us.

Health Monitoring Features

We have noticed some impressive features in the health monitoring department. The device helps us track our dog’s activity, sleep quality, and calorie balance 24/7. This makes it easier for us to set ideal goals for our pet based on its breed, age, and weight.

One feature that stands out is the ability to catch early signs of discomfort or disease. By monitoring mobility, anxiety, and skin conditions through the Health Index and Sleep Score, we’ve been able to keep a closer eye on our dog’s health. The best part is that we can invite our vet to review this data as well, ensuring we make informed decisions about our dog’s care.

We did find that the app needs to be opened regularly to connect to the tracker. However, the insights we gained into our dog’s health and behavior have been worth the effort.

Motivation and Compatibility

It’s rewarding to see how our dogs stay active throughout the day. The monitor helps us set fitness goals and track their health. We love that it syncs with devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch.

Using it is a breeze, but we did notice it needs the app to be open frequently. This can be a bit inconvenient, but the benefits outweigh this small issue. The device works on most collars, making it versatile for any dog size.

Scientific Credibility

The FitBark activity monitor has impressed us with its scientific accuracy. Its lightweight design offers reliable data on our dogs’ activity and sleep patterns. We appreciate having access to detailed information because it helps us understand their behavior and health in real-time.

That said, the tracker needs frequent syncing with the app to gather accurate data. While it provides valuable insights, we found some inconsistencies. For example, the health scores varied significantly between our two dogs. Despite these minor issues, the FitBark’s scientific approach to tracking our pets’ wellness has been quite beneficial.

Ease of Use

Setting up this dog activity monitor was a breeze. The lightweight design (only 10 grams) made it easy to attach to our dog’s collar without causing any discomfort. The app is user-friendly, and we had no trouble navigating through its features to track our dog’s activity and health patterns.

However, we did find that the device needs the app to be opened regularly to stay in sync, which can be a bit inconvenient. Despite that, the overall experience has been smooth, with data clearly displayed and easily accessible. Syncing went well, and the battery life has been impressive, lasting over a month with minimal use.

Pros and Cons


Our experience with the FitBark has been mostly positive. The activity and health features are really useful. We can track our dog’s activity, sleep, and calorie balance 24/7.

Another huge benefit is the battery life. It lasts up to six months, so we don’t have to worry about charging it constantly. The tracker is also lightweight at just 10 grams and fits dogs of all sizes.

The compatibility with other fitness devices is another perk. We can easily sync it with our Fitbit or Apple Watch and see how our dog’s activity compares with ours.


Despite its many strengths, we encountered a few drawbacks. The need to frequently open the app to maintain connection is a bit inconvenient. Sometimes it takes longer for data to sync.

Another issue was with the waterproof claim. Our first device stopped working after our dog swam with it. We had to get a replacement, which was an added expense.

Lastly, interpreting the health score can be a bit confusing. One of our dogs had consistently lower scores, even though they appeared healthy. It’s helpful, but sometimes we’re not completely sure how to act on the data.

Customer Reviews

We looked through many reviews of the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. A lot of users praised it for being user-friendly and lightweight, making it a great choice for small pets. They enjoyed tracking their pets’ activity and sleep patterns with ease.

A few customers did mention that the device sometimes required the app to be opened frequently to maintain connection. Although some experienced issues with the waterproof feature, many found it helpful in understanding their dogs’ health and fitness. Users liked that it didn’t need a subscription and had a long battery life.

While some dogs had different health scores, the detailed activity data provided valuable insights. This made it useful for pet owners aiming to monitor and improve their dogs’ health.

Fitbark 2 Review: Conclusion

We’ve found the FitBark to be a valuable tool for tracking our dog’s health and activity. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and the app provides helpful insights on our pets’ daily routines.

On the downside, the need to open the app regularly to sync can be a bit inconvenient. Despite this, the FitBark offers reliable performance, and we appreciate not having to pay for a subscription. For anyone wanting to keep a closer eye on their dog’s wellbeing, this device is a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the FitBark 2 in tracking my dog’s activity?

The FitBark 2 is pretty good at tracking our dog’s activity. We noticed that it accurately measures steps, sleep patterns, and active playtimes. While it’s not as precise as some human fitness trackers, it provides a solid overview of our dog’s daily activity.

What benefits does FitBark 2 offer over its competitors like Tractive?

When comparing FitBark 2 to competitors like Tractive, we found a few key differences. First, the FitBark 2 doesn’t require a subscription for basic features. It’s also very lightweight and waterproof, which makes it ideal for active dogs. Moreover, it integrates well with devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch, allowing us to view both our and our dog’s activity on a single platform.

Can the FitBark 2 help in monitoring my dog’s health and activity trends over time?

Yes, FitBark 2 can monitor health and activity trends over time. The Health Index and Sleep Score features let us see any changes in our dog’s well-being. We could track our dog’s progress and share this information with our vet, which was very helpful for long-term health monitoring.

What are the subscription costs associated with using FitBark 2’s full features?

FitBark 2 stands out because it doesn’t need a subscription for its basic features, which is a big plus. Some advanced features, like GPS tracking, aren’t available, but we appreciate not having to deal with monthly fees.

How does the battery life of the FitBark 2 compare to other pet activity trackers on the market?

We found the battery life of FitBark 2 to be impressive. It lasts up to 6 months on a single charge, much longer than many other trackers we’ve used. This means fewer interruptions in tracking due to recharging, which is very convenient.

Are there any safety concerns when attaching the FitBark 2 to a dog’s collar?

We haven’t had any issues with attaching the FitBark 2 to our dog’s collar. It fits comfortably and doesn’t seem to bother our dog. However, make sure to attach it properly to prevent it from falling off, especially if your dog is very active.

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