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10 Best Smart Bird Feeders with Camera: Top Picks 2024

Best Smart Bird Feeders with Camera

Smart bird feeders with cameras have become an exciting way to combine bird watching with modern technology. They let us observe birds up close, capture photos, and even identify different species. This gadget not only boosts our enjoyment of bird watching but also helps in learning more about our feathered visitors.

When buying a smart bird feeder with a camera, there are a few key things to look for. Consider the camera quality, as this affects the clarity of bird photos and videos. Battery life and weather resistance are also important, ensuring the feeder can stand up to the elements and work continuously. Lastly, check if it offers features like motion detection or species identification, which can enhance your bird-watching experience. We spent hours evaluating different models to find the best smart bird feeders with cameras for bringing birds closer than ever.

Best Smart Bird Feeders with Camera

These smart bird feeders with cameras help us get close-up views of our feathered friends. We have chosen the best options to fit your needs and budget.

SOLIOM BF09 Bird Feeder with Camera

This bird feeder is perfect for anyone who loves watching birds and wants high-quality footage and easy access via their phone.


  • High-quality 1080P video, even at night
  • Instant notifications with photos
  • Weatherproof design with solar charging


  • Only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Might be too bulky for some spaces
  • Requires a subscription for extended cloud storage

We tried the SOLIOM BF09 bird feeder and found it very impressive. Setting it up was a breeze, and the instructions were clear. It holds a good amount of food, so we didn’t have to refill it constantly. The solar panel is efficient, keeping the camera running smoothly without much fuss.

One of the standout features is the 1080P HD video quality. We got clear, colorful images of birds both during the day and at night. The instant notifications on our phones with snapshot images were a delight, alerting us whenever birds visited. We even identified several bird species easily with the advanced AI recognition.

Weatherproofing is another important aspect. It stood up well to various weather conditions, and the roof kept the bird feed dry. The only downside is the Wi-Fi limitation, supporting only 2.4G, which might be a concern for some users. Also, while the feeder is robust, it could be too large for smaller yards. Having optional cloud storage beyond the free trial period requires a subscription, but you can use an SD card to extend it.

NETVUE Birdfy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

Capture high-quality bird photos and videos effortlessly with this user-friendly smart bird feeder.


  • Clear 1080P video quality
  • Reliable motion detection
  • Weatherproof and sturdy design


  • Requires stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Slightly pricey
  • Bulky size

The NETVUE Birdfy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera offers an exceptional bird-watching experience with its 1080P HD video quality. Whether it’s day or night, we could see the birds clearly and get vivid details of their feathers. The motion detection works well, notifying us of every visitor, so we never miss a moment.

Its weatherproof design stood up well in our backyard. Even during a rainy week, the feeder kept the food dry, and the birds kept coming back. The large 1.5-liter capacity also means we didn’t have to refill it too often.

One drawback we noticed is the need for a stable Wi-Fi connection. Without it, the camera’s performance can drop. Also, while it’s packed with features, the price might be a bit high for some. Lastly, the feeder is a bit bulky, requiring ample space for setup. Despite these minor issues, it remains a solid choice for bird lovers.

NETVUE Birdfy® Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

This bird feeder is perfect for those who want to get closer to their feathered friends and capture great footage.


  • Easy setup with solid connection
  • Clear 1080P night vision
  • Solar-powered for convenience


  • Limited Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Mounting challenges in tight spaces
  • Slightly bulky design

We recently had the chance to try out the NETVUE Birdfy Smart Bird Feeder, and it didn’t disappoint. Setting it up was straightforward, and the solar panel integration made it hassle-free. There were no issues with connectivity, thanks to the strong 5dBi antenna that ensured a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

The 1080P resolution, even at night, impressed us with its sharp and colorful images. It was a joy to get close-up shots of various bird species, capturing intricate details like feathers. The auto-capture feature meant we never missed a moment, getting real-time notifications directly on our phones.

Although we loved its features, the feeder’s size posed a slight problem when mounting it in smaller spaces. However, its solid construction and weatherproof design made it a worthwhile addition to our backyard. The large 1.5L container also meant fewer refills, making it highly convenient for busy bird watchers like us.

Birdsnap® Smart Bird Feeder

This product offers an impressive combination of features, making it a valuable addition for bird enthusiasts.


  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent image quality
  • Large storage capacity


  • Expensive AI subscription
  • Occasional false notifications
  • Requires full sunlight for solar power

After installing the Birdsnap® Smart Bird Feeder, we immediately noticed how easy it was to set up. The clear instructions made mounting it on a fence a breeze. The 1080P camera provided clear and vivid images, capturing detailed footage of the birds visiting our backyard.

We enjoyed sharing the videos with our friends and family. It was fun to see all the different bird species, especially with the AI recognition feature. Although the AI subscription comes at a cost after the first free month, it accurately identified birds and provided useful information.

The solar-powered feature and large storage capacity are great bonuses. However, the feeder requires full sunlight, which might be an issue for shaded areas. Despite a few false notifications, we found the instant alerts on our phone very convenient. This bird feeder is a great investment for anyone passionate about bird watching.

NETVUE Birdfy Bamboo Feeder Camera

A fantastic choice for eco-conscious bird watchers who want high tech and functionality.


  • Renewable bamboo material
  • High-definition video quality
  • AI recognition for bird species


  • Requires solar panel setup
  • Might be pricey for some
  • Subscription for AI features

We are thrilled with our new NETVUE Birdfy Bamboo Feeder Camera. Its eco-friendly design draws in a variety of birds while blending beautifully with our garden. Made from bamboo, it’s also durable and weather-resistant.

One of the standout features is the 1080P camera. The clarity during the day and at night is impressive. Watching birds in real-time and identifying over 6000 species through its AI is truly exciting.

Although the solar panel setup takes some initial effort, it’s worth it to have a sustainable energy source. The subscription for AI features might not appeal to everyone, but the trial period helps you decide. This feeder is a perfect gift for any bird enthusiast.

Gyozol Smart Bird Feeder

This is a great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy bird watching with ease and convenience.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Real-time notifications
  • Excellent video quality


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Solar panel not very effective in low light
  • Takes a bit of time to install

We found Gyozol’s Smart Bird Feeder easy to set up, taking only a few minutes to get everything connected. The app is user-friendly, making it simple to check out which birds are visiting our backyard. The camera provides clear images, both day and night, thanks to its 1080P quality and night vision feature.

It’s exciting to receive real-time notifications on our phones when birds come to feed. This feature keeps us updated without having to check the app constantly. The built-in AI does a great job of identifying birds, adding an educational element to bird watching.

While the feeder is generally impressive, the solar panel doesn’t always charge effectively on cloudy days. Additionally, the battery life could be better, lasting only a few days without needing a recharge. Despite this, the product’s overall convenience and quality make it a worthwhile addition to any bird lover’s garden.

Twesync Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

An excellent investment for bird lovers who want to watch and identify birds effortlessly.


  • Real-time notifications
  • High-resolution camera
  • Bird-friendly design


  • Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection
  • Limited battery capacity without sunlight
  • SD card not included

The Twesync Smart Bird Feeder with Camera is a standout product for anyone who enjoys bird watching. We found setting it up to be very straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly app and clear instructions. The real-time notifications are incredibly useful, ensuring we never miss a visitor.

One impressive feature is the high-resolution camera. It captures clear images and videos, even at night, thanks to its night vision capability. The AI bird recognition function is a game-changer, making it easy to identify over 11,000 bird species. It’s fascinating to see the variety of birds that visit our feeder.

Its bird-friendly design is another highlight. The feeder holds enough food to limit refills and includes features like weatherproofing and drainage to prevent mold growth. Mounting it is simple, and it has remained secure even during bad weather. This is definitely a must-have for bird enthusiasts wanting a closer connection to nature.

HARYMOR Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

This smart bird feeder is perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their birdwatching experience with advanced technology.


  • Recognizes over 10,000 bird species with AI
  • Instant alerts with high-resolution snapshots
  • Equipped with dual solar panels and a long-lasting battery


  • Requires a paid subscription for full features
  • Can struggle with WiFi signal if not connected properly
  • The SD card for video storage isn’t included

Experiencing the HARYMOR Smart Bird Feeder has been delightful. The AI feature that identifies over 10,000 bird species truly stands out. It’s fascinating to see the variety of birds visiting our garden, and recognizing them has never been easier.

The instant notifications when birds arrive are a game-changer. Being able to receive high-resolution snapshots right on our phone makes birdwatching so much more interactive. It’s like having a constant window to nature regardless of where we are.

Battery life and power management are excellent. With dual solar panels, we hardly worry about recharging. Setup was straightforward too, though connecting to the WiFi required some adjustment. In summary, this bird feeder is a wonderful addition to any home that loves nature.

Osoeri Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

This bird feeder is ideal for bird lovers who want to get closer to nature and enjoy high-quality bird-watching experiences.


  • Excellent AI bird identification
  • Clear 1080P HD camera
  • Solar-powered with long battery life


  • Needs to be mounted on a wall or post
  • No TF card included
  • AI identification requires a fee

With the Osoeri Smart Bird Feeder, we get a fantastic bird-watching experience. The advanced AI can recognize over 11,000 bird species, so we learn about the different birds visiting our feeder. The 1080P HD camera offers clear video and photos, even at night.

Setting up the feeder was effortless. We mounted it on a post, which was slightly tricky but manageable. Watching birds directly from our phone is a breeze, and we receive real-time notifications of bird visitors, which is very exciting.

The solar panel and long battery life are also impressive. We appreciate not having to replace batteries frequently. The friendly design allows for adding different feeders, making it versatile.

We wish it came with a TF card and could be hung instead of mounted. Despite these minor issues, this bird feeder/camera is a worthwhile investment for avid bird watchers.

Osoeri Bird Feeder with Camera

This smart bird feeder is a perfect blend of education, fun, and practicality for bird lovers of all ages.


  • Videos and images are stunningly clear.
  • Identifies thousands of bird species.
  • Durable and weatherproof design.


  • Limited to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Pricey Bird ID subscription.
  • Wobbles in strong wind.

We recently tried the Osoeri Bird Feeder with Camera and found it to be an exciting addition to our backyard. One of the best features is its ability to identify over 11,000 bird species through an easy-to-use app. This makes birdwatching both educational and engaging, especially for kids and beginners.

The camera quality is impressive with its 1080p resolution. We got clear views of our feathered visitors both day and night. The wide-angle lens also ensures that we don’t miss any moments. Instant notifications and live view options let us capture videos of birds as they arrive, adding a whole new layer to our birdwatching experience.

However, we noticed that the feeder only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, which could be a limitation for some. Additionally, while its metal construction is a major plus, it tends to wobble a bit in high winds. The Bird ID feature is excellent but comes with a hefty subscription fee, which might be a drawback for budget-conscious users. Despite these minor issues, the Osoeri Bird Feeder with Camera is a well-rounded and innovative product that brings technology and nature together.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best smart bird feeder with a camera, there are a few key features to consider.

Camera Quality

Look for high-definition cameras. 1080p resolution is ideal for clear and detailed images. Make sure the camera has night vision to capture nocturnal birds.


Check for Wi-Fi compatibility. This ensures we can monitor the feeder from our smartphones. Some feeders also offer Bluetooth for short-range connections.

Power Source

Smart bird feeders can be solar-powered, battery-operated, or plug-in. Solar-powered options are eco-friendly but may not work well in cloudy conditions. Battery-operated feeders offer mobility, while plug-in models provide constant power.


Consider feeders with built-in storage or cloud storage options. Built-in storage often includes SD cards, while cloud storage may come with subscription fees.


We need feeders made from weather-resistant materials. This ensures they last through various weather conditions. Check if the feeder is waterproof and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Additional Features

Motion detection alerts us when birds arrive. Two-way audio allows us to listen to the birds and even talk back. Feeder capacity is also important for knowing how much seed it holds.

Feature Details
Camera Quality HD 1080p, night vision
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Power Source Solar, battery, plug-in
Storage Built-in SD card, cloud storage
Durability Weather-resistant, waterproof, temperature-proof
Additional Features Motion detection, two-way audio, feeder capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some common questions about smart bird feeders with cameras. We cover the essential features, enhancement of birdwatching experiences, and comparisons between top models.

What features should I look for in a high-quality smart bird feeder with a camera?

A high-quality smart bird feeder with a camera should have HD video, night vision, and motion detection. Look for weatherproof design and a long battery life. App compatibility and ease of installation are also important.

How do smart bird feeders with cameras enhance bird watching experiences?

Smart bird feeders with cameras let us watch birds up close and in detail. They record bird activity, allowing us to see species we might miss otherwise. Notifications and alerts help us know when birds visit in real-time.

Are there any subscription fees associated with advanced features in smart camera bird feeders?

Some smart bird feeders offer advanced features that require subscription fees. These can include cloud storage for videos, advanced species identification, and detailed bird activity reports. Check the specific model for fee details.

What are the top-rated smart bird feeders with camera capabilities for backyard bird enthusiasts?

Popular options include the Bird Buddy, the Netvue Birdfy, and the Nature Spy. These models receive positive reviews for their clarity, user-friendly apps, and reliable performance. Each product offers different features to suit varied needs.

How does the Bird Buddy smart feeder compare with other smart bird feeders with cameras on the market?

The Bird Buddy is known for its detailed bird identification and engaging app interface. It compares favorably with others like the Netvue Birdfy by offering robust cloud integration and a sleek design. Users appreciate its ease of use and interactive features.

What should I consider when choosing the best bird feeder camera for outdoor use?

When choosing, consider camera quality, durability, and app support. Ensure the feeder is weather-resistant, has a good battery life, and offers clear video. Check customer reviews and look for features like motion detection and species recognition to enhance birdwatching.

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